Good morning and happy Friday!!!

This four day work-week certainly flew by, and I cannot believe it is JUNE this weekend.  That means, in a month and a half I will stop working my full-time job, and it just 2 short months Brian and I will move across the country.


That being said, I am really trying to focus on being present, having fun, enjoying SUMMER, and living life.  🙂

Here is my recap of the week with Five Things Friday!

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

Arugula Salad via The Healthy Maven

  • This meal was also delish! Baked cod with a side of roasted brussels and zucchini with a side salad. The side salad contained: romaine, arugula, tomato, onion, artichoke, black olives, nutritional yeast, and white wine vinegar.  So good!

cod with salad and brussels sprouts

  • A breakfast frittata with kale and sweet potato and a side of blueberries and strawberries.

breakfast frittata

bob's red mill granola

  • Larabars were helpful snacks a couple of days this week 🙂  Love these things!


Five Workouts:

  • 20 min tabata cardio workout
  • Workout Wednesday on Georgia Street in downtown Indy with some coworkers…it was so fun!

workout wednesday

  • Bodypump
  • Spin…I have been missing my time on the bike!!


Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Brian and I did a little shopping last night!  We hit up the local boutique, Dottie Couture and I got this really pretty dress that was on sale 🙂

Dottie Couture Dress

The other two contenders that I ALMOST went with were:

One-Shoulder Dress

one shoulder dress dottie couture

Black Tropical Dress

dottie couture dress

Target Sandals

  • Nellie’s Laundry Soda!  Brian and I have been using this for almost a year now and absolutely love it.  It is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and doesn’t leave a residue or strong odor/scent on clothes.  We JUST ran out, so I quickly had to order some from Amazon on Monday night and it was here by Wednesday.

nellie's laundry soap

  • A short work week 😉
  • Girl-time this weekend!

Posts I Have Loved:

Previous Five Things Friday Posts:

Time to Share:

  • How was your week?
  • What’s on the agenda for your weekend?
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  1. I am such a huge fan of arugula- yum! I alternate between buying spinach, arugula, and baby kale for weekday lunch salads. I have so many windows open now for good stuff- esp. those sandals and I am intrigued with the laundry soda! I use hypoallergenic stuff but can no longer find my favorite so I’ll have to try it out. Thanks too for sharing my post!

    • Arugula is seriously my new favorite 🙂 You definitely need to try the laundry soda. It lasts forever and is only about $10 and easy to find on Amazon 🙂

    • Aren’t they super cute? I need to order them stat! How fun that you play Ultimate Frisbee…I have never been great at frisbee, but it sounds like fun 🙂

  2. 1. Love that dress you picked. So pretty! 2. The bon’s red mill granola sounds delish! I would love some for my yogurt and smoothie toppings! 3, I am obsessed with arugula salads lately! It is just so light and fresh, perfect for summer!

    • Yes, the granola is perfect for anything…even just a handful for a crunchy snack 🙂 And arugula…I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try it!

    • Great minds think alike!! I think you need to get them…only $20! I found some Steve Madden’s that are almost identical at DSW for double the price…so it’s like they are on sale 🙂

  3. wasn’t that article from PALEOMG amaaaaaazing!? Love her. I also love you – thanks for including me this week 🙂

    • YES! I love reading stuff like that because it makes me feel so much more “normal” if there is such a thing as “normal”… 🙂 Thanks for an awesome post, chica! Have a great weekend!

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