Happy Friday!! I hope you all have had a wonderful week 🙂

While I am excited that the weekend begins tomorrow, I honestly wish today was Thursday because I have quite a bit to complete before I feel like I will finally be in resting weekend mode…hopefully I can hustle and get it all done today!!

That being said, I’ll go straight into a Five Things Friday post for ya!  Have a great weekend friends!!

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

  • Last night’s dinner was this delicious curry salad bowl inspired by a meal my mom used to make 🙂  Romaine lettuce topped with brown rice, grilled chicken, bell pepper and pineapple all marinated in a yummy curry mixture and a little sauteed spinach.  It was so good!

Dinner salad

Smoothie bowl

  • Another yummy dinner salad inspired by a recipe I saw in the most recent issue of Cooking Light Magazine…Romaine and spinach topped with sliced radishes, warm brown rice, grilled chicken and a light homemade vinaigrette dressing of extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and Italian seasonings.

Dinner salad

  • Plantains!! Have you guys tried them!?  They may be my new favorite food to play with 🙂


Five Workouts and Marathon Training Update:

This week I did more cross training and less running despite my 10 mile long run on Thursday 🙂

  • Taught Bodypump twice this week
  • Did CXWORX
  • Went on a couple of long walks with Bernie
  • Ran 10 miles!

10 mile run

Here is what my training plan was supposed to look like:

  • Monday:  Bodypump
  • Tuesday:  5 miles (taught Bodypump instead)
  • Wednesday:  OFF (did CXWORX and a long walk with Bernie)
  • Thursday:  10 miles
  • Friday:  4 miles (did a walk with Bernie/rested)
  • Saturday:  cross training (maybe I’ll do my 4 miles here!)
  • Sunday:  off

How did it Feel:  

This week, I was a little tired from the wedding in Chicago last weekend.  Despite being a bit tired, I felt pretty good during my workouts.  During my long run on Thursday, my goal was to just “get it done” rather than push myself with speed.  I’m finding that it’s harder for me to push myself to go faster when I run by myself.  I am happy I finally made it into the double digits, though! It’s been a long time since I have run that far 🙂

Podcasts I Listened To:

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • This Cocoa Butter from NOW Foods.  First of all, I didn’t even know they had skin care products until the immersion event back in the spring. Second of all, this lotion is so thick and creamy!  It’s amazing and I love it.

Now Foods Cocoa Butter

  • Brian is at an orthodontics conference in Beaver Creek and I get to join him!  They get a lot of down time, so we may hang out at the pool, hike, who knows what!  I’m just excited for a little weekend getaway.
  • I turned in a large project for my Intro to Foods course.  While the project was time consuming it was so stinking fun!  We had to take a standard recipe for a baked good and pick one ingredient to modify to make it healthier based on scientific evidence.  I had a blast researching, recipe testing, and sharing my experiments with friends as they taste tested 🙂
  • Getting my first double digit run in sure feels great!
  • I LOVED having coffee dates with friends this week 🙂  Such a great way to catch up and get out of the house.

Posts I Have Loved:

There ya have it friends!! I know some of you may be at IDEA World Fitness convention 🙂  I sooo wish I was there to, but really look forward to seeing all of the recaps over the weekend and next week!

Until Monday…Have a great weekend!

I’d Love To Hear From You!

  • Tell me about your week and weekend!
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  1. Yes yes yes plantains! I love frying them & topping with scrambled eggs and salsa. So perfect! By the way, I saw your guest post the other day. You mentioned your doing a dietician program online. Can you share what program that is? I’ve been looking for one I can do that offers me flexibility.

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