Hello and happy weekend!

This is officially the last weekend Brian and I will be spending in Indianapolis for a long time.  Although we have known that we are moving out to Denver for quite some time, it is starting to actually feel real.  There are boxes all around our house, Brian and I are going a little crazy at times, but we are both so excited!

Today, Brian and I get to see some dental school friends at an engagement party, and tomorrow night Brian and I are going to Symphony on the Prairie with our families and some friends as a last Indianapolis hurrah!  Should be a great weekend.

Also, there is still time to enter my $45 Swanson Health Products Giveaway! 😉

I hope you all have a fun weekend as well with beautiful weather!

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

  • So many green beans!  A woman that works with Brian gave us a TON of green beans and cucumber from her garden and they are delicious.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but that green bean is HUGE.

green beans

  • Smoothies!  I have always been a smoothie lover, but when I was working full-time I would make my breakfast on the weekend and eat it at work after working out.  Now, that I’m not working in preparation for the move I can actually eat breakfast at home which means lots of smoothies are being consumed.

green smoothie

peach smoothie

  • This delicious summer meal at home.  Salmon, homemade caesar salad, brown rice, and garden green beans.

dinner at home

  • Veggie plates.  We have a ton of fresh veggies in our fridge, which means they need to all be consumed within a week so we don’t have to throw things away.  My meals and snacks have been very veggie heavy and I am just fine with that!

lunch plate

  • Oats.  Although I have enjoyed smoothies almost every day this week, I did sneak a satisfying bowl of warm oats in there.


Five Workouts:

  • Indoor cycling
  • Bodypump
  • walking the dogs with mom
  • Bodycombat (doing this today!)

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Brian and I are trying to be very organized about this move, so we are getting rid of all the things we don’t need/use and it feels so good!  It has been fun to look through boxes and things in storage that I haven’t looked through in a while.
  • My fabletics workout clothes (that’s a referral link!) I feel so good in the clothes and I get a lot of compliments each time I wear the outfits.
  • Thinking about and planning how I want to organize our new apartment in Denver.  We are taking a lot of our current furniture, decorations, etc but I know there are going to be some new items that need to be purchased once we get out there.  I can’t wait!
  • Seeing friends!  Although it’s sad to say goodbye, we know it won’t be forever.  These past couple of weeks Brian and I have been seeing a lot of friends and family that we don’t normally get to see and we absolutely love it.  Today, we were able to have a dentist appointment with a friend from dental school and afterward we ate lunch with his wife and brand new baby 🙂  Such a great way to spend the afternoon.

That would be me pushing their baby Emma in their awesome stroller 🙂

tara with baby emma


Brian and I each had a delicious smoothie for breakfast this morning.  Mine was the “protein junkie” with banana, apples, berries, almond milk, and hemp protein.  So delicious!

Natural Born Juicers


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