Morning and happy weekend!

As of right now, Brian and I don’t have much planned for the weekend.

We REALLY wanted to go to Yoga on the Rocks, but by the time we went to purchase tickets it was sold out!  Total bummer because it is the last one of the season.  We will definitely purchase our tickets early for next season.  The whole event looks magical! 🙂

Brian starts school on Monday (yay!) so I have a feeling we will be doing last minute things making sure he is all ready to go, but I know we’ll sneak some fun in too!

I hope you all have some fun planned for your weekend too!!

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

  • Cherub tomatoes.  I am seriously in love we these little guys!  I have been chopping and putting them into my lunch and dinner salads, but popping more than a few in my mouth as a chop 😉

cherub tomatoes snack

  • Liks Ice Cream!  Literally moments after Brian asked me if I wanted to go out for ice cream on Tuesday night our friends popped over and asked if we wanted to grab ice cream…I guess it was meant to be!  We enjoyed our ice cream while walking home through Cheesman Park.  Such a perfect way to spend the night.

ice cream

  • Larabar Renola.  Have you tried this?  I saw it at Target last week, and grabbed it just so I could try it out and I’m so happy I did!  It’s a grain free granola made from nuts and seeds and it’s absolutely delicious.


  • Lots of smoothies.  I think I’m making up for lost time.   I wasn’t able to have smoothies for so long because I ate breakfast at the gym.  Nothing beats a good smoothie 🙂

blackberry pbj smoothie

breakfast smoothie

Spilled smoothie…oh no!

smoothie breakfast

  • Garlic knots…wow!  Wednesday night, we went out for Trivia with some friends to a little bar/pizzaria called Nicolo’s and Brian ordered some garlic knots.  I wasn’t planning on having any because I wasn’t hungry but Brian said they were amazing and I HAD to try one and I’m so glad I did.  Seriously, I think the little garlic knot melted in my mouth 🙂

garlic knots

Five Workouts:

Brian and I have been enjoying our free trial week at CorePower Yoga, so get ready to see lots of yoga 😉

  • Hot Power Yoga
  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Running
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Planning on doing Bodypump today! (can’t wait!)

Five Things Making Me Happy:

  • Cooking my meals and eating when I’m hungry, not just because it’s “lunch time” or “dinner time.”  Right now, I am not really on a schedule which has it’s pros and cons, but one thing I love is the freedom to experiment in the kitchen at meal time and to eat when I am actually hungry.  I know this may sound goofy, but with my old schedule I felt like I was constantly reheating leftovers because I would cook everything for the week on the weekend.  By the way, I really don’t like leftovers, so this is a welcome change!
  • Being outside!  It’s so sunny here and everyone is always outside doing something.  It’s absolutely amazing!

red rocks hike

  • Making connections and meeting new people.  I feel like while we were in Indy, I didn’t exactly go out of my way to make new friends but now that we are here in Denver with minimal friends I am loving getting to know new people.  The crazy thing?  There are a lot of people from Indiana/the midwest out here!
  • Sleep.  I know I wasn’t getting NEAR enough sleep while living in Indy and it affected my eating habits, my attitude, ugh just everything and even though I know how important sleep was I guess I didn’t realize just how much BETTER I feel with adequate sleep.  I definitely need to make sleep more of a priority.
  • Blogging projects…before I left for Indy, I worked with a friend on a little project that I am so excited to share with all of you.  I’m hoping to have it ready next week!

Here is a little sneak preview…


Posts I Have Loved

Enjoy your weekend, friends!! 

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  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying Denver so much! It’s funny you mentioned that you’ve met so many people from Indiana/the midwest, because one of my friends from here in Illinois just moved to Denver too! 🙂

    Love the pics of your smoothies – I really want a smoothie now!

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