Happy Friday, friends!

This week has been another one full of textbooks, highlighters, and notecards but I did manage to squeeze a little bit of fun in!

Tuesday night, I went to Marisa’s (from Uproot from Oregon) cooking class she taught through Share Denver.

Healthy Appetizer's with Marisa via Treble in the Kitchen

Healthy Appetizer's with Marisa via Treble in the Kitchen

The food was beautiful and delicious, the company was great, and I loved learning Marisa’s special tips and tricks 🙂  If you guys are in the area and Marisa is hosting another class, I definitely recommend it!! It would be such a fun date or girls night activity.

Edamame Hummus

Healthy Appetizer's with Marisa via Treble in the Kitchen

Apple slice with balsamic walnut butter, manchengo cheese, dried cranberries, and a balsamic glaze.

Healthy Appetizer's with Marisa via Treble in the Kitchen

Tomato Avocado Bruschetta

Healthy Appetizer's with Marisa via Treble in the Kitchen

The theme was healthy summer appetizers, which is perfect now that it is officially summer.  I loved that while the theme was summer apps, Marisa gave plenty of ideas and inspiration for ways to make these recipes our own and carry them throughout all seasons of the year.

Now, let’s talk about other fun things from the week in a Five Things Friday round up 🙂

I’ll be spending the weekend at Fitbloggin’ learning all about how to be a better blogger and connecting with other bloggers, fitness professionals, and people who love being healthy!  I hope you have a wonderful and fun weekend too!

five things friday

Five Things I Ate:

Rejuvenating Bowl

  • Bowl of white jasmine rice, sauteed spinach, grilled chicken and fresh tomatoes for lunch.


  • Smoothie with frozen banana, half sweet potato, coconut milk and water, brown rice protein powder, and the total game changer…frozen spinach.  Seriously guys, if you love a thick creamy smoothie, try frozen spinach in your smoothies.  So good!!


  • Bowl with jasmine rice (on the bottom), steamed zucchini, steamed bok choy, lentils.


  • Taste testing oatmeal and rice for my lab this week 🙂  So fun!

Oatmeal Taste Testing RD program

Oatmeal Taste Testing RD program

Marathon Training Update Week 3:

Not really a FIVE but…that’s ok!

I did all workouts according to schedule so far this week:

  • Monday–Taught Bodypump
  • Tuesday–5 mile run
  • Wednesday–OFF
  • Thursday–7 mile run
  • Friday–4 mile run
  • Saturday??
  • Sunday–OFF

How did it feel?

I finally remembered to bring my handheld mini water bottle this week and it made SUCH a huge difference.  The day before my 7 miler was also when I did my oatmeal and rice taste testing for my nutrition lab so I got more carbs in than usual and I think that made a difference too!! No dizziness and I was so thankful for it 🙂

Podcasts I Listened To:

Five Things Making Me Happy:

I love having my nails painted, but I really hate having chips in my nail polish.  Unfortunately, I typically get a chip in my nail polish less than 24 hours after they have been painted.  This Miracle Gel Nail Polish really caught my eye, sooo I decided to give it a try.  I painted my nails on Saturday night of last week (6 days ago) and there is minimal wear on the nail color.  The tips are a little “scuffed” but I’ll take it!! No major chips and 6 days in!?  Not sure if it will hold up for the suggested 14 days, but 6-7 days as just fine in my book!!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel via Treble in the Kitchen

Disco Biscuit aButter London Bloody Lip Crayon via Treble in the Kitchen

They sent me a TON of different colors to try out, and this was the first one I’ve tried.  I’m afraid to try the rest because I love this color so much 🙂  The crayon itself is really great because it goes on very smooth like a lipstick and has a little sheen like a lip gloss.  AND there is a sharpener built into the cap so you can take it with you and not worry about having a dull pencil when you are on the go.  Guys…I think I’m in love!

  • Fitbloggin’!! This is my first time attending, but I am super excited for the educational sessions and can’t wait to share the details with you after the weekend is over.

At the welcome event last night…on the trampoline, in a skirt…living life on the edge 😉


  • Marisa’s cooking class!! I loved seeing Marisa in her element, and taking a cooking class is always fun to me 🙂  Such a fun week night activity!
  • This candle in Citrus and Sage.  It smells SO clean and refreshing, I have literally been lighting it up every single day.  I got it at the Pearl Street Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago at the Mile High Candles booth and have been obsessed ever since.  If you are a candle lover, you must try!

Pearl Street Farmer's Market via Treble in the Kitchen

Ok friends, that is all I have for today!! 🙂  Off to take an exam and then spend the weekend at Fitbloggin’!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Your Turn!

  • What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to?
  • Tell me what you have planned for the weekend!

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  1. I LOVE podcasts. I just started listening to The Lively Show and love hearing all the creatives she has on the show. I don’t think I can drive more than 20 minutes now without playing a podcast of some sort. LOVE ’em!

  2. That cooking class looks fun!! I wish she would come to NC and teach me to make some fun summer apps 🙂

  3. Have fun at fitbloggin! Wish I could be there! I have never been to a blogging convention but it looks like a lot of fun. Also, I am drooling over that apple slice appetizer from marisa’s cooking class! Yum!

  4. No big plans this weekend but will be running a half marathon on Sunday to kick off marathon training! I totally need to try frozen spinach. I’m so anti-healthy blogger and I dislike green smoothies, but I’m trying my best to incorporate more! I hope you have a fabulous weekend : )

    • Yay for getting your long run in!! Keep trying on the green smoothie thing…you may just need to find the combo that works for you!

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