Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was amazing 🙂

Brian and I had a pretty chill weekend, with the highlight being some time spent in the great outdoors.

Saturday morning, we wanted to head out for a morning hike, so Brian checked out dayhikesneardenver.com and discovered the “First and Second Flatiron Hike in Boulder.”

Visiting the fun town of Boulder was on our “list of things to do” and this moderate intensity hike was labeled as a “Colorado must do” because of the beautiful views.  The drive was only 45 minutes from Denver and the web site suggested that the hike would take about 2 hours.  This sounded like a perfect hike to do before getting brunch in Boulder…we were sold!

As we arrived at the trail in Boulder, this is a little glimpse of what we saw….

flatirons hike boulder

Amazing right?

Although the Day Hikes Near Denver web site provided great description about the trail, where to find the trail head, and what to expect while hiking we couldn’t help but stop and ask a woman who was walking the trail with us with her cute dogs.

She pointed us in the right direction to the Chautauqua Trail and we were off!

flatirons hike boulder

The trail started out in the forest, and looked kind of like this…

flatirons hike boulder

You can see the Flatirons in the distance at the top right of the picture with me in it!

flatirons hike boulder

Once we were out of the “forest-like” surroundings, everything was very rocky.  There were some parts that literally looked like just a field of rocks…and we were supposed to just walk on top of it.  Luckily, the trial is very well traveled so we felt very safe the entire time.

flatirons hike boulder

Once we made it to the top the views were amazing!!

flatirons hike boulder

The boys-Brian, Aidan, and Oliver were climbing to the highest point possible in the area we were in to capture some pretty awesome pictures.

flatirons hike boulder

While it looked cool up there, Liz and stayed down low and enjoyed some pretty awesome views with rocks surrounding us as protection 🙂

flatirons hike boulder

We ended up just sitting and enjoying the scenery for quite some time because it was so beautiful and peaceful up there.

After enjoying the beautiful flatirons, we headed back down.  On our way down, we noticed that the trail was MUCH busier with hikers so we were thankful we got out on the trail earlier in the morning to avoid the big crowds.

Once we were done hiking, we were all pretty hungry so we decided to check out a brunch restaurant that is always packed…Snooze an am Eatery.

snooze boulder

The wait was just over an hour, and although we were hungry when we arrived at the restaurant we decided to put our name in and wait because it seems as if there is always a line at this cute little restaurant.

Having a little wait was the perfect opportunity for us to explore adorable downtown Boulder.  There are tons of cute shops and things to look at, so the time actually went fairly quickly.


After an hour went by, we headed back to the restaurant and had to wait a little bit longer.  We were thankful for the complimentary water and coffee Snooze had waiting inside the door to help take the edge off of our hunger.

The restaurant was busy-full of all kinds of people enjoying themselves and just chatting away.  It was a fun atmosphere!  The decorations were kind of “retro” and super cute 🙂

snooze boulder

I ordered a delicious Bloody Mary to start off my meal.

There were several Bloody Mary options so I went with my server’s recommendation and ordered the Bangkok…a GREAT decision.  The fish sauce added a salty flavor (and I love salt!) and there was a lot of spice and flavor in this drink.  Seriously delicious.

snooze boulder

After staring at the endless menu options I finally decided on ordering from the “the art of hollandaise” section of the menu to get some eggs benedict.

Our server recommended the Bella! Bella! Benny, which Brian ordered and said was amazing!, but I opted for a different option.  Our server made sure to let us know that they were very accommodating and could make many substitutions and adjustments based on dietary needs so I ordered the Ham Benedict III with no ham and spinach instead and the Caprese Benedict.  I couldn’t decide which to get, so I just ordered half and half 🙂

snooze boulderBoth were absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every single bite.

Everything that we we ordered tasted amazing…and I don’t think it was simply because we were hungry after the hike 🙂

This is definitely a day trip that I can’t wait to make again 🙂

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  1. Tara,
    Great post on your Flatirons Hike! It’s still one of my favorites. And how can you beat Snooze!?

    Hit me up if you need any hike recommendations.
    AJ – Dayhikes Near Denver

  2. Jealous! I think we were supposed to do part of this hike when we were out west but Flagstaff Road was closed. And I’ve heard tons about Snooze from family out there. I guess it’s time for another trip!

    So glad you are enjoying your new home. You should try Orange Theory in Broomfield for a group ex workout. I think you’ll love it.

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