I got home from work a little bit later than expected (nearly 8pm!!) so I was more than ready for dinner.  Thanks to a little prep ahead of time, dinner only took 15 minutes once I popped it in the oven.


Brian told me that this dinner was a winner for sure 😉 and that he would love it if I made it again!  I love meals like those.  I made Hungry Girl’s Lean Bean Enchiladas subbing La Tortilla Factory Low Carb High Fiber Tortillas for the corn tortillas.

I simply stored the enchiladas in the fridge in the baking dish all ready to bake with foil over them while I was at work so that I could come home and not even have to think about dinner.


When the age-old interview question “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” is asked of me, flexibility is always at the top of my list of weaknesses.  I tend to plan things way in advanced, get specific ideas in my head, and then freak out when there is a slight change of plans.  Because I am aware of my inflexibility in certain situations, I really work hard to not freak out when there is a little unexpected bump in the road.


Tomorrow, I was originally scheduled to have the day off.  I had  a long list of things to accomplish before my weekend in Fort Wayne for Chelsea’s wedding that I was planning on tackling, however, while at work today I was asked to cover someone and work from 9:30am-6pm.  Not a big deal, but it totally ruined my plans of going to Body Pump and spinning, and running to the store, picking up my camera case, filling my gas tank, etc, etc….  I realize that I could have said that I had plans, but when it comes down to it those plans are totally flexible (aside from the workout classes!) and I have given myself the deadline of accomplishing those tasks tomorrow…aka I have no reason to stress out.

I will simply wake up early and head to Body Pump at 6am, then go for a run with Brian after work! (He told me he wanted to start running with me again this week…he doesn’t know about tomorrow’s plan yet…)  As for the rest of the list, I will get it done in little bits throughout the week.


Are  you flexible when it comes to scheduling and changes or do you freak out and have to have everything planned minute by minute?

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