Kate, a great friend from our college days at Butler, visited us for the first time this weekend!  We were definitely in a go-go-go mentality this weekend and wanted to see and do everything.  The weather was a little chilly and drizzly (SO not like Denver!), but we made the most of it checking out downtown, brunching, hiking, and playing with little Bernie.

Kate's Denver Visit

I’ve mentioned this adorable coffee shop before because it’s so close to our apartment and Brian and I absolutely love it.  They make delicious and beautiful coffee drinks and the atmosphere is just awesome.  I think we grabbed some sort of caffeinated beverage every day of Kate’s visit.  My fav?  Almond milk latte please!

Kate's Denver Visit

  • Denver Festivals/Markets

We spent our evening at the Friday Night Bazaar and I don’t think we could have had more fun!  They served fun drinks like Lavendar Lemonade to sip as we browsed through vendors selling beautiful handmade jewelry, artwork, food products, and clothing.  To top it all off there was an amazing live band playing music in the background.  Seriously, it was so fun!

Kate's Denver Visit

Kate's Denver Visit

Saturday afternoon we hit up the Denver Flea, which is a fleamarket with all kinds of wonderful things to shop for!  There were handmade wood products, clothing items, dog treats, spirits, jams and preserves, lotions, perfumes, jewelry.  You name it and there was probably a booth for it.  It was SO much fun to take a peak at everything.  I didn’t buy a ton, but I did grab a LOT of business cards 🙂

Kate's Denver Visit

  • Hiking the Flatirons

When Brian and I have visitors there are a couple of things that we do every time, and hiking the Flatirons is one of them!  It was one of the first hike’s we did while living in Denver and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Kate's Denver Visit

Unfortunately, it was a bit foggy, snowy and muddy when we hit the trail but that didn’t stop us!

Kate's Denver Visit

We hiked until we felt like we needed to turn back for safety reasons and enjoyed the crisp air and wonderfully different perspective while hiking one of our favorite trails.  Even with the snow, mud, fog and cold it was still beautiful!

Kate's Denver Visit

Kate's Denver Visit

  • Brunch (x2!!)

We brunched at Foolish Craig’s in Boulder after our hike up the Flatirons.  We were able to sit outside with Bernie, which was a huge plus!  They had wonderful coffee drinks and breakfast dishes so we all left feeling quite satisfied after that meal!

Kate's Denver Visit

On Sunday we headed out to Steuben’s for lunch/brunch and had another tasty experience.  This restaurant really had a retro diner vibe.  We loved it!

Kate's Denver Visit

  • Snuggles with Bernie

Bernie loves everyone the second he meets them, and it was no different with Kate!  It was so adorable to see him love on her, and we know Kate enjoyed the puppy fix while she missed her dog back in Kentucky 🙂  Bernie is definitely a little cuddle bug!

Kate's Denver Visit

After a long last few weeks of finishing up my prerequisite courses, this was a MUCH needed super fun weekend in Denver.

I hope you all had a great weekend too!!

Question of the Day:

  • When you have visitors are there “go to” items that you always do!?
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  1. Your go-to’s make me want to come visit you! There are definitely some specific cafes and restaurants I go to if I have someone visiting. 🙂

  2. I love all your “go-to’s”! In the summer, the Boulder Farmers’ Market is my favorite to bring friends to along with the teahouse right there.

    Also, if there’s nothing cool like the flea or HAHO, going to places like Union Station or The Source show people how cool and trendy we are 😉

    We’re due for a Thump date soon – I haven’t been there in awhile! Amethyst Coffee is also right on Broadway and brand new – supposed to have the best croissants in Denver!

    • Oh your go-to’s sound super fun too!! We are definitely in need of a Thump date and Amethyst sounds super yummy!

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