Glute and Core workout from Treble in the Kitchen

Recently, I have been doing a LOT of running…like seriously a lot (at least for me!).  I’ve mentioned it before that I am really trying to work on my running speed, so I’ve been running with a friend once a week for the past couple of months now.  While we are up to running 4 days a week (I NEVER run that much), I’m still making sure to incorporate a good balance of strength training and stretching into my routine.

My fav running partner!

Running with Bernie

In order to get faster, of course I need to train at a fast pace, but I also need to make sure that my glutes (butt) and my core are strong.

Thankfully, I am a Pure Barre Red Card Club member, which means I have a complimentary membership for the next couple of months in order to help launch the new cardio class they offer, Platform.

I’ve been attending 2-3 Pure Barre (with some Platform mixed in) classes a week in addition to my running.  Barre (and more specifically Pure Barre) incorporates a TON of micro-movements that really focus on the core and the back of the leg area, which is perfect for me right now because I need the abdominals and glutes to be strong.

But seriously, all of the classes are SO hard in a different way than traditional weight lifting.  The little movements make my muscles shake and remind me of all the smaller stabilizer muscle groups I need to strengthen. (Thank goodness for Pure Barre!)

Pure Barre Denver

When I’m not able to get to a Pure Barre class, or when Brian works out with me, I complete a strength workout that is different than barre but still focuses on the core and glute area.  Last Friday, Brian and I hit up the gym together and completed the workout I am sharing with you today!

It’s very simple because it only has 4 moves and requires minimal equipment, but you will definitely get a good workout by completing this.  I find that taking shorter breaks between the sets makes things more challenging, so if you are struggling to complete this simply lengthen the breaks between each set of work.

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Glute and Core Workout {Kettlebell + Bodyweight}

Equipment Used:

  • Kettlebell (I used a 35lb kettle bell for the bulgarian split lunges and a 70lb for the deadlift, feel free to adjust to the weight selection that is challenging to you and use a dumbbell if a kettlbell is not available)
  • Bench or chair

There are only 4 exercises for this workout, but you will complete 4-5 rounds of the complete workout before finishing.  Work at your own pace and take breaks as necessary, but I recommend moving quickly from one exercise to the next and taking your breaks in between each round rather than between each exercise.

*As with any fitness class/program/workout, please make sure to warm up and cool down/stretch and modify as needed and check with your doctor if necessary!

Glute and Core workout from Treble in the Kitchen

Bulgarian Lunges:  Place one leg behind you on a bench, chair, or elevated surface.  Hop/scoot your front foot forward so that there is a little distance between you and the bench.  Hold the kettlebell/weight at your chest or down to the inside of your leg.  Brace your midsection to help maintain balance as you lower your body down into a lunge position.  Complete 15 repetitions and then switch legs to repeat on the other side.  A modification is to place your foot on the ground to do a traditional lunge.

Burpees:  Begin by standing with your feet hip width apart. Jump up into the air with your arms up, lower down to the ground and shoot your feet back into plank position.  Jump your feet back in towards your hands, then jump back up toward the ceiling.  That is one repetition.  Repeat 15 times.  To modify this exercise, remove any jumping and simply lower your hands down to the ground and step your feet back one at a time.

Deadlift:  Hold onto the kettlebell/weight with both hands.  Maintain a slight bend in the knee, and lower the weight down toward the ground.  Attempt to keep your back flat, and do not allow any rounding of the upper back.  Squeeze and activate your glutes once you are at the bottom, this will pull your body back up to a standing position.  Repeat 15 times.

Plank Hip Dips:  Start in plank position with your forearms on the ground.  Create space in your chest by squeezing through your shoulders and lengthen through your heels.  In a controlled motion, lower your hips to the right then bring them back center and then lower to the left.  Complete 20 total repetitions.

Rest and repeat all of the above 4-5 times.

Let me know if you give this workout a try!

Glute and Core workout from Treble in the Kitchen

Question of the Day:

  • Are you a barre class fan?  
  • Have you tried Pure Barre?
  • If you’ve ever done barre, what is the hardest move for you? (for me it’s anything focusing on seat-work!)
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  1. I love Pure Barre… it is such a hard workout for me. I am sore in the craziest places. I can run 5 miles, no problem, but pure barre, I will be sore for days!

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