Last night was a hit!  I got to look at pretty jewelry and be with my best friends and mom. 🙂

Checkin' out the goods

I didn’t purchase anything, even though there were amazing deals on just about every item!  I am on a tiiight budget, and I didn’t want to blow it all on one piece of jewelry.  (Thanks for teaching me to be responsible mom!)

Some of the girls got some jewelry though!  Rachel even won $10 off of her purchase, and got two items for half off!  It’s hard to resist those kind of deals.

Sandra facilitating the party telling us about all of the specials

Everyone raved about the fruit pizza and ate every single piece!  I was pleased to have little leftovers, but Brian was disappointed he didn’t get to try the pizza…maybe next time!

Brian didn’t hang around for the jewelry party, he and some guy friends went to do more manly things like drink beer and hang out at a bar 🙂

After everyone left the party Erin, Caitlin, and I headed to Bourbon Street which is a little bar/restaurant within walking distance of the apartment.  We each grabbed a drink and a snack while our boys were hanging out at the pool…in the rain!

It was a great night, but I was still able to make it to bed by a reasonable hour.  I am thankful for that since I have to fit kids with bicycle helmets today.  I feel like I gotta be 100% pepped up when I am working with those kids!


Today is my day off before I do my long run tomorrow which is 7 miles!  That is officially the farthest I have ever run, and I am excited to challenge myself.   I know that today I need to drink a lot of water and be good to my body 🙂

For breakfast I mixed Chobani plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and splenda and topped it with the last of the Cranberry Nutty Granola, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, and frozen bananas….delish!

Brian and I have a date night planned for the evening at a sushi restaurant in town and I am really looking forward to it!

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