I hope you all enjoyed Lindsay’s Berry Breakfast Quinoa Bake yesterday!  Today, Brian and I are heading from Florence to Riomaggiore in the beautiful area of Cinque Terre, Italy.  I can’t wait to share all of the honeymoon details with you soon!  Luckily, I have another fun guest post planned to tide you over 🙂

Today, Tina Reale of Best Body Bootcamp is sharing one of her awesome workouts with all of you.  I was first introduced to Tina when I started the Best Body Bootcamp challenge last winter.  Overall, I LOVED the challenging and unique exercises in the bootcamp, I loved working towards specific weekly goals, I loved interacting with others on facebook and twitter who were also in the program, and I loved how FLEXIBLE the program was with my crazy schedule.  You can read more about my overall BBBC experience here!  Tina is so great, supportive, and inspiring.  Take it away Tina…


headshot_thumb-002 via Tina Reale

Life. Life is busy. Crazy busy. I feel you. I work from home running my own online personal training business. That comes second, however, to the time commitment to my two babies – my four year old daughter and two year old son. Add onto that training for races, volunteering, leading small groups, having a social life and a committed marriage, plus a recent huge house renovation followed by a move? Life gets cuh-razy for sure.

All of that could easily add up to zilch in the workout department. The past few months I often wished it could as I had less motivation and even less time. Darn that whole personal training thing that holds me accountable to set a good example. Fortunately, I had quite a few quick, yet effective, workouts up my sleeves. And I’m here today to share one of those with you. Just in case life ever decides to try and knock you off your feet. Then you can be all prepared like a ninja cat, land on your feet, bust out these exercises, and say “Take that, LIFE. You thought you had me. Oh, hail no. I got YOU.” Or something like that.

Ahem. Moving on. Let’s talk workout now. Namely TABATAS.

First up, let’s cover the basic layout of a tabata set. Each tabata will include four exercises. You complete a round of each exercise back to back for intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Then you repeat them for one more round. That adds up to four minutes per tabata and only a 20 minute workout if you do all four tabata groups with the rest period between.

®   Each tabata will flow like this:

®   exercise 1 for 20 seconds

®   rest for 10 seconds

®   exercise 2 for 20 seconds

®   rest for 10 seconds

®   exercise 3 for 20 seconds

®   rest for 10 seconds

®   exercise 4 for 20 seconds

®   rest for 10 seconds

®   repeat one more time through (four minutes total)

After each tabata group, you will recover for 1-2 full minutes before moving to the next grouping. Cardio –> upper body –> lower body –> core. Boom. Bang. Done! Now for the moves….

Tabata Workout via Tina Reale

Exercise Library:

Remember to properly warm-up before going into this workout. Go at your level and adjust/modify any exercises as needed. Always consult a physician before beginning a workout program and listen to your body. Tabatas are a more advanced form of training, so please keep that in mind. Happy training!

Tabatas? Love them? Hate them? Never tried them?

Tina Reale is a NASM certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. She is the creator of the online fitness challenge Best Body Bootcamp and blogs at Best Body Fitness. She is constantly striving to live life to the fullest in a healthy and balanced way. 

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