Good morning!

We arrived safe and sound in Indianapolis on Friday night, then we headed right up to Fort Wayne after a coffee date with a friend who recently moved to Florida 🙂   This was our first time truly traveling for the holidays and I know I may sound like a crazy person but I really loved the hustle, bustle, rush and excitement of getting to the airport, dodging the crowds and safely getting on our flight 🙂  It was perfect!

Now that we are in Fort Wayne I have been LOVING the family time.  Seriously, it has been so great to just hang out, run errands, play cards, bake and just be with my family (Grandparents included!).  It’s been so long since I have had these special moments with my family, especially in the days leading up to the holidays, so I am truly cherishing each moment and the fact that Brian is enjoying the family time with us too.

This morning, I started my day with a quick Insanity workout.  I love that those workout require zero equipment and get me super sweaty 🙂  Just what my Monday morning asked for.

Insanity Workout

After showering and getting ready for the day, my breakfast consisted of banana egg white Love Grown Simply Pure Super Oats with peanut butter (sound familiar?!) with a side of coffee with coconut milk nog. I LOVE nog in my coffee 🙂

oat breakfast

Here are some pictures from the past couple of days.

Brian’s mom (Kate) made this beautiful holiday flower arrangement for my family.  I LOVE the snowflake details and the birchwood on the bottom.  So pretty!

Christmas bouquet from Kate

Yesterday morning, Grandma made us all teff crepes for breakfast.  Teff is an african whole grain that is a staple in Ethiopian cooking that I had heard of but never tried.  The crepes had a slightly nutty almost earthy flavor to them that paired very will with a little peanut butter and banana 🙂  Yum!  I love trying new foods.

Teff Crepe

We then spend the afternoon running errands to pick up some cookie ingredients and other odds and ends we needed.

Samples at Costco anyone?

samples at Costco

shopping with grandma

Then, Grandma and I got busy in the kitchen!  It was so much fun to have a baking buddy 🙂

baking with grandma

The fruits of our labor…enjoyed after a delicious dinner while playing a fun game of cards.

christmas cookiesAnd I truly feel like the fun is just beginning!

Today, Brian and I are working on some homemade Christmas gifts for the family, seeing a few friends and most importantly…having a blast!

If you are celebrating this week, I hope you feel that magical holiday spirit and if not I hope you just have a fantastic week!!  See you all soon!

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