The first half of the day was very productive!  After taking Sarah (the girl I nanny for) to volleyball camp.  I came back to the house to walk Bella.  I swear, the houses around here are just so homey, gorgeous, welcoming, interesting, unique, i could go on…

Pretty little street full of pretty houses


Although I was enjoying the view, the walk was cut short because it was sooo darn hot and I could tell Bella was getting tired…she just kept walking slower and slower 🙁

When we got back, I noticed that the door handle was literally wet with condensation due to the high humidity levels…crazy!

After the walk, I headed to the library to get a library card (woo!) and check out some educational reading suggested by the cruise people.  I checked out:

Food Politics by Marion Nestle

Food, INC. by Karl Weber

I am excited to read these books because I am always looking to learn more about what I am actually using to fuel my body, and how I can clean up my food act!

I actually parked at the apartment and walked to the library because I didn’t want to pay, I like exercise, and it’s literally down the street.  I could tell that it was suuuper hot out while walking, but seeing this little sign on the way confirmed it.



I couldn’t believe it!

Next stop, the jewelry store.  It was time for my engagement ring to be cleaned and inspected and I had of other requests too…

This watch tracks my mileage, which is just what I need while training for a half marathon, but the strap came apart and I didn’t have the tools to fix it, but G. Thrapp did!

I used to wear this ring all the time, but somehow it got bent and was no longer round, so it really hurt to take on and off of my finger, but once again…G. Thrapp was able to round it out for me.  I am excited to have my watch and ring back to normal.

I also stopped for my summah gum…and some gas.

This gum is seriously amazing and makes me think of the summer heat 🙂  even when I am already in it.

I then came home and prepped dinner since my yoga class doesn’t get out until 7:15 tonight.  I snacked on some blackbeans and kidney beans before deciding that I should actually eat lunch.  Bet you can guess what sounded good due to the heat…a smoothie!

Sorry I love smoothies so much!
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