Well I must say that endorphins do have a way of making things brighter.  Like I mentioned in my post earlier, I was feeling pretty down before heading to the gym.  I still went an hour before my class so that I could get some cross training in before I taught strength and toning.  I hit up the elliptical and turned on the Food Network.  A lot of people think that the elliptical or other cardio machines can get pretty boring making it hard to build up endurance, but I have found that if a good show is on the boob tube then I am good to go!  First it was Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals



Next it was Giada at Home…she made a delicious cranberry granola that I will have to try!


Honestly, as soon as my arms and legs started pumpin’ on the machine I felt waaaay better!  It’s crazy how amazing that endorphin high feels, but I’m addicted to it.  Here is what my workout looked like.

I adapted a workout from Une Vie Saine

I then taught Core Intensity with this workout:

Warm Up

  • Jog in place for 1 minute to get heart rate up or until the end of the first song
Abs (on step bench)
  • 15 slow controlled crunches with 8 lb weight
  • 15 crunches with legs straight up
  • 20 total bicycle crunches
  • Repeat
  • 15 pullovers with one 8 lb weight in both hands while lying on bench
  • 15 pushups with hands on bench (either the girly kind or normal)
  • 10 rows with one leg on bench with two 5 lb weights then alternate legs
  • Repeat
Hips and Butt
  • Squat with one leg on bench and one leg to the side pulse low for two counts then raise knee on bench (15 each side holding weights in hands)
  • 15 reverse lunge with shoulder circle on each side (5 lb weights in each hand)
  • 15 plie squat with triceps press holding 8 lb weight
  • Repeat
Cool Down
After class I came home to let the puppies out and play with them for a bit before running to meet with a potential wedding florist.
They love each other!
They really look like brother and sister 🙂  Tomorrow, their family will be coming home and although they LOVE hanging out with me nothing beats hanging with the fam.
Brian and I then went to get fro-yo at Red Mango.  I tried the mango and black cherry flavors and decided to go with mango.  I then topped it with granola, coconut, and banana…not the best flavor combo I have ever come up with, but hey!  Ya win some, you lose some…and it still tasted ok 😉  I had Brian take a picture of my treat on his iPhone and email it to me since I forgot my camera and it still hasn’t arrived in my inbox…don’t worry, I’ll post the picture tomorrow!

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