As we enter the new year in a new home, I am organizing everything. This post shares some of my favorite strategies for home organization as well as some of my favorite home organization products.

I used to think that reorganizing was time-consuming and overwhelming, but I learned by watching some of the home organizing shows on Netflix that it really doesn’t have to be that complicated! I think the biggest takeaways I have are to purge the things that no longer bring you joy (we love to donate these items),  contain the things that you are going to use on a regular basis, and (for the most part) take things out of their original packaging so you can fit them together nicely in containers that work in your space.

As we enter the new year in our new home, I am finding that I have the incredible urge to clear some things out and refresh what we have. I am organizing everything! I’ve started with my office, our primary closet, the mail room, the spices, the linen closet, and our cleaning closet.

Home Organization #homeorganization #homeedit #tararochford

Home Organization #homeorganization #homeedit #tararochford


Below are some of the items that I have used while organizing my new home. The next spaces on my list to organize are the pantry and the fridge…wish me luck!

Glass storage bowls

Amazon Zipper bag storage

Amazon Spice containers

Spice labels

Cane storage baskets

Large lined woven baskets

Storage drawers in mail room

Acrylic divided turntable

Walnut top storage containers

Document box storage

Woven collator for mail

Acrylic handbag storage

Bin clip labels

Brass chip clips

Back of toilet basket

Acrylic drawer dividers

Home Organization #homeorganization #homeedit #tararochford

Home Organization #homeorganization #homeedit #tararochford

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