Recently, I have been craving veggies like they were going out of style…seriously!  All that I want to do is chomp on some greens, so as soon as I got home yesterday, I whipped up a quick meal of baked fish on top of a delicious bed of romaine, spinach, celery, onion, and tomato.  It hit the spot for sure!

dinnerLooks like I will have to have Skippin’ Jenny another night 😉

DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts

One of my favorite family holiday traditions is making homemade Christmas gifts for my family.  Growing up, I remember always struggling to come up with ideas, and receiving more than a few pair of homemade pajama pants from my sister.  Nonetheless, I still loved the tradition and the challenge of figuring out what to make for my family.

Nowadays, things are a bit easier thanks to Pinterest and DIY crafting blogs.  Honestly, I’m not quite sure what we did without those resources in the past!  Thanks for the pajama pants, sis!

I always try to make something functional that my family will use rather than just store away in a closet.  Since I enjoy calendars, planning, making lists, and being organized I thought that making a homemade dry erase board would be simple, inexpensive, practical, and really cute!

Here is what I did:

I got different colored scrapbook paper for each person in my family.  I then cut the pieces of paper to fit the frames and put it through the printer to print the text that I wanted to appear in the frame.  The pieces of paper then went inside the frame.

diy frame 3


I then took velcro tape and cut it into little squares that would fit on the dry erase marker and the frame.

diy frame 6

diy frame 5


I stuck one piece of velcro on the marker, then the other piece on the frame.

diy frame 4

I wanted to make sure that these markers weren’t getting lost, so attaching it to the frame was necessary!

diy frame 2


And that is it!  Super simple, cute, and practical…just what I wanted.

diy frame 1

I have to admit that I have already started searching for next year’s gift ideas.  Isabella of the Nanny Jobs blog reached out to me to check out her post “30 Blogs Featuring Homemade Gift Ideas” and I think that I may have hit the jackpot with that one!  On this post, Isabella features gifts for guys, gifts for girls, gifts for children, gifts for teachers, and gifts from the kitchen…how will I ever choose which gift to make?!

Question of the Morning:

  • Do  you ever make/give homemade gifts?  If so, what gifts have you made?
  • What resources do you use for diy projects?


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  1. I LOVE making homemade gifts and I especially love ones that help you stay organized (hello, Type-A personality)! I did a few homemade Christmas gifts last favorite being a magnet board, which is actually pretty similar to this project. I love the way yours turned out’s adorable and so functional!

    • I very much have that Type A personality and try to instill it on my family 🙂 a magnet board is a great idea! Maybe I will give that a try next year…

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