I’m back with another honeymoon recap!

Brian and I spent the majority of our honeymoon in the Cinque Terre, so we were able to unpack our bags for a bit, really get to know the area, and do some really fun things that we planned ahead of time.

One of the awesome things that Brian and I did was take a ride on Angelo’s Boat Tour.

Honeymoon 05-IMG_0290

We had friends that traveled to the Cinque Terre a couple of years ago and also did this same boat tour. They told us that it was a MUST do while we were honeymooning in this region. It is a great way to see the beauty of the area, learn about the Cinque Terre, and it’s fun!

Brian and I wanted to make sure that we weren’t late for the boat trip that we were so looking forward to, so we arrived to Monterosso early with enough time to shop around in the market.

Honeymoon 02-IMG_0287

After shopping around and wandering through the town a bit, we headed back to Angelo’s house to see if they were ready for us on the boat.

Honeymoon 03-IMG_0288

Honeymoon 04-IMG_0289

Once we were finally on the boat, we introduced ourselves to the other passengers as Linda (our tour guide) assembled some delicious snacks for us.

Honeymoon 11-IMG_0296

Honeymoon 07-IMG_0292

Our snacks were olives, pistachios, red pesto, goat cheese, parmesan, blanched and seasoned carrots (they were so good!), and foccacia. The whole boat trip was very calm….accept for the very beginning! Literally, right after I snapped this picture we hit a big wave and the display of food was ruined…easily fixed though!

Honeymoon 09-IMG_0294

As we snacked and chatted with our new friends, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery that the Cinque Terre provided.

Honeymoon 13-IMG_0298

We even stopped to go swimming a couple of times.

Honeymoon 17-IMG_0302

While we weren’t swimming, we were enjoying some delicious prosecco. Prosecco is Italian champagne, and it is absolutely delicious. I love it even more than champagne though, because it seems as if they drink prosecco all the time in Italy and not just for special occasions like we do with champagne. It is crisp, refreshing, and not too sweet. Prosecco is a bit harder to find in the states, but Brian and I love it now! It’s not impossible to find, we just have to look a bit harder ๐Ÿ™‚

Honeymoon 14-IMG_0299

After snacking, swimming, chatting, and drinking the boat began to approach Manarola, which is the town we were stopping in for lunch.

Honeymoon 20-IMG_0305

Honeymoon 21-IMG_0306

We all filed into Il Porticciolo for a delicious family style lunch of local seafood dishes, dessert, and wine.

Honeymoon 22-IMG_0307

Honeymoon 25-IMG_0310

Once lunch was finished, we sat and chatted for a while allowing our stomachs to digest our delicious Italian meal. After a bit of chatting, Linda gave us the signal that it was time for the next event on the agenda: cliff jumping!

Honeymoon 1-photo (92)

That would be Brian climbing to the top of a very tall cliff. I decided to wait this adventure out and be the photographer, but Brian hopping right to the top of the rock and jumped off without thinking twice about it!

Honeymoon 1-photo (96)

Honeymoon 1-photo (91)

And he safely landed ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank goodness!

Honeymoon 1-photo (69)

After everyone who had the desire took their turn jumping off the cliff, it was time to head back out to sea.

By this point, Brian and I really hit it off with a young couple from Texas. We had a lot of similarities and they were so much fun!

Honeymoon 1-photo (66)

Nora and I even had the same bathing suit bottoms!

Honeymoon 1-photo (90)

We then hit our final swimming destination and Linda and Angelo instructed us to snorkel.

Honeymoon 1-photo (88)

Honeymoon 1-photo (89)

The water in the Cinque Terre is the clearest water I have ever seen in my life, so snorkeling was no problem at all. We could see crazy rock formations, schools of fish, and lots of little creatures down below. We swam around looking for sea treasures in the clear, blue water until Angelo told us it was time to come back in.

After snorkeling was over, we headed back to shore to complete our tour. The entire trip was amazing, and I couldn’t thank Angelo enough!

(That’s Angelo in the photo below!)

Honeymoon 1-photo (85)

Because we hit it off with John and Nora so well, we headed out for a couple of drinks after the boat tour. It was a great way to end the spectacular day, but I think that we all shared one too many of these:

Honeymoon 1-photo (83)

And these:

Honeymoon 1-photo (84)

It was so fun…but we definitely paid for it the next day!

If you are traveling to the Cinque Terre region, Brian and I both highly recommend Angelo’s Boat Tour! Especially if you are only going to be there a short time. It is a great way to see this area and experience the true beauty of the sea. Angelo, Paula (his wife), and Linda (our tour guide and Paula’s friend) will make you feel like family as they welcome you with open arms onto their boat. It’s an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.

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  1. How cool that you guys me another couple from the states. I think it’s too funny that y’all had the same bottoms!

    ohh & Brian, what a little dare devil. I’m pretty sure I would’ve sat that little adventure out too, Ha Ha!

    • Even though this region was very “authentic” it was amazing how many people I have met since going that have also been, and it was amazing how many US travelers we met too!!

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