This will be the final Italian Honeymoon Recap post.  If you missed the previous recaps, check out these links:

I honestly did not expect to write that many recap posts, it just sort of happened!  Initially, I thought that I would just jump right from the honeymoon posts to the wedding posts, but I am actually looking forward to some regularly scheduled blog posting.  I need to organize our wedding pictures, pick out my favorites, and get the blog posts ready still so wedding recap blogs will come soon…just not yet 😉

That being said, let’s finish up the honeymoon…

On our last full day touring Italy, Brian and I did our only actual “workout.”  We went on a morning run through the streets of Milan.

Honeymoon 01-photo (13)

We took the tram from our hotel to get a bit closer to the downtown area since we were a little bit outside of the actual metro area.  From the tram stop, we ran to our first destination:  The Sforza Castle.

This was such an awesome site to see, because we could go into the center part of the castle into a park like plaza and we could see where there may have been a moat around the outside of the castle at one point.  The castle was absolutely huge!

Honeymoon 03-photo (12)

Honeymoon 02-photo (3)

We then ran to the Quadrilateral, which is a district with all of the fancy stores like Prada and Dolci and Gabbana.  It was cool to window shop and run through this area without a lot of other people around.

Honeymoon 04-photo (15)

Brian stopping for water along the way…

Honeymoon 05-photo (14)

The next stop on our run was the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele, which is an extremely old and gorgeous shopping mall.  In the Galleria, there is a bull in the tile that tourists like to visit for good luck.

The story is that if you step on the bulls crotch area and spin around, it will bring you good luck.   Because of this, the mosaic tile has to be replaced VERY frequently.

Brian and I wanted to get our fair share of luck, so we gave it a whirl!

Honeymoon 06-photo (4)

Honeymoon 07-photo (11)

Honeymoon 08-photo (10)

Honeymoon 09-photo (9)

Honeymoon 10-photo (2)

Honeymoon 11-photo (8)

Honeymoon 13-photo (7)

Honeymoon 12-photo (6)

The final stop on our run was to Via Speronari, which is one of the oldest streets in the city.  It is so small!

Honeymoon 1-photo (46)

While we were on Via Speronari, we also found our first Italian dental office!  Brian was pretty pumped.

Honeymoon 14-photo (5)

The run was so fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone spending a short amount of time in Milan.  It was great to be active, see multiple places in short amount of time, and not be around swarming crowds.

After our run, it was time to enjoy our hotel’s giant and beautiful buffet breakfast:

Honeymoon 1-photo (39)-001

Honeymoon 1-photo (36)-001

Our day consisted of visiting the very fancy stores of Milan.  They are so pretty with so many pretty items inside…it was almost like visiting a museum!

The first stop was La Rinascente.

Honeymoon 1-photo (32)

This store was like a very expensive department store with beautiful clothes throughout.  On the top floor, there were several restaurants and some specialty food items, like this very expensive “bling” water.

Honeymoon 25-photo (42)

We decided to eat lunch while on the top floor at a restaurant that had a view of the Duomo called Maio.

17-photo (33)-001

Honeymoon 18-photo (34)-001

Honeymoon 20-photo (36)

I enjoyed a very yummy caprese salad.


We shared some stuffed zucchini flowers (these were amazing!!!)

Honeymoon 1-photo (6)-002

And Brian had pasta with meatballs.  Everything was tasty.

Honeymoon 21-photo (38)

Once we were done eating, we had a little espresso to give us some energy for the afternoon, and we were on to the next shop!

Honeymoon 22-photo (39)


Honeymoon 24-IMG_0373

The second store we visited was the Excelsior, which was a high fashion store with loud techno music and crazy clothing displays.

Honeymoon 1-photo (41)-001

This one definitely seemed like a fashion museum.

Honeymoon 27-photo (43)

After we shopped around, we headed back to our hotel to change for our final event of the honeymoon:

The opera at La Scala Opera House.

Honeymoon 29-P1020163

This was kind of a last minute purchase for us, as it was a bit pricey but I am so thankful that we were able to have that experience.  The show was amazing (there were English subtitles), the atmosphere was fancy and fun and we truly enjoyed ourselves.  It was the cherry on top of this amazing trip.

Brian did almost all of the planning for our honeymoon, and I can’t thank him enough for making this the honeymoon of my dreams.  It was such an amazing way to start our married life together.

Thank you all for reading about our travels, I can’t wait to share the wedding details with you all soon!

Question of the Afternoon:

  • What is the best vacation you have ever been on?

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  1. I am sad that this is the last recap but I enjoyed reading every post. What a fabulous trip and what a great way to see Milan! I did not get to Milan when I was in Italy so definitely running it 🙂 my best vacation was this past March – London and a day in Paris. Fell in love with London!

    • Thank you, Amy!! London and Paris sound fabulous! I have always wanted to travel to Paris…maybe it will be our next big vacation!

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