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We had big plans to explore the other towns in the Cinque Terre on our first full day in this region, so Brian and I wanted to start the day with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Because our apartment had a small kitchen, we had the luxury of purchasing a couple of items at the grocery store to keep on hand for breakfast and snacks.  Everything in Italy, and especially in this region seemed so FRESH.  So, when I purchased our breakfast items fresh fruit was the main thing that I put in my basket.

Honeymoon 02-IMG_0223

That’s me, choppin’ up some fruit…

Honeymoon  01-IMG_0221

Our breakfast was a bowl of plain yogurt with a spoonful of nutella mixed in topped with peaches, apples, blueberries, and pear.  YUM!

Honeymoon  03-IMG_0224

One of my favorite things about Italy was that it was light outside early in the morning, and it was warm outside in the morning too.  This made eating breakfast outdoors on our balcony a must!

Honeymoon 04-IMG_0225

After our yummy and fresh breakfast, we headed to the train station to catch the train to the farthest Cinque Terre town, Monterosso.

Honeymoon  05-IMG_0226

While waiting for the train, I ended up meeting a girl who was from Indiana and was in the same sorority as me…SMALL WORLD!

Honeymoon  07-IMG_0228

When we arrived in Monterosso, we decided to walk around for a bit to see what this town  had to offer.  We ended up finding a cute little cafe on the beach with cappuccino (yay!) and internet for only 1 euro for 24 hours!  We ended up going back to that cafe several times.

Honeymoon 08-IMG_0229

Once we were caffeinated, Brian and I were ready to hit the hiking trails.

One of the unique attributes about these five towns is that they are all so close together.  Because they are relatively close, there are hiking trails that connect each town to the next and many people hike through all of the towns within a day.

Brian and I PLANNED on hiking through all the towns…

Monterosso in the background

Honeymoon 09-IMG_0230

But when we got to a trail head, they informed us that only two of the paths were open due to landslides.  DARN!

No big deal though, Brian and I just hopped on a boat to head to Vernazza, which was the next town over with an open trail to hike.

Leaving Monterosso

Honeymoon 11-IMG_0232

Saying hello to Vernazza

Honeymoon 16-IMG_0236

Once we got to Vernazza, it was surprisingly lunch time and Brian and I were both hungry…especially if we were about to hike in the 90 degree heat for 2 hours.

After surveying the food options in Vernazza, we decided on La Taverna Del Capitano.

Honeymoon 21-IMG_0241

Honeymoon 20-IMG_0240

The restaurant had outdoor seating located right on the main square of the city.  It was perfect!

Honeymoon 23-IMG_0243

I chose the salmon marinated in salt, which turned out to be very much like smoked salmon and was extremely delicious!

Honeymoon 26-IMG_0246

We both shared the fresh caprese salad.

Honeymoon 27-IMG_0247

Brian, who had been craving spaghetti since day 1, opted for the spaghetti with seafood (frutti di mare).

Honeymoon 28-IMG_0248

He still says that this was by far his favorite dish of the trip!

Honeymoon 29-IMG_0249

3Honeymoon  0-IMG_0250

Once our energy levels were restored, we walked around the cute town of Vernazza to let our food digest and then we were off to hit the trail.

Honeymoon  33-IMG_0253

One thing that Brian and I were hoping to do was put our “love lock” on the Via dell’Amore (the Lovers Road).  This was the trail from Riomaggiore to Monarola that was closed during our visit.  On that trail, there is a statue of two lovers and several couples put a lock signifying their love to one another around this statue.  Because the Via dell’Amore was closed, Brian and I were on the lookout for another location to lock our love away (we had seen several places in Florence!)

On our first hike we found a perfect spot!

Honeymoon 34-IMG_0254

Honeymoon 36-IMG_0256

Honeymoon 37-IMG_0257

Our love will be forever locked away in the Cinque Terre.

Honeymoon 38-IMG_0258

After locking away our love, we continued our hike from Vernazza to Corniglia.

Aren’t the views amazing!?

Honeymoon 40-IMG_0260

Honeymoon 41-IMG_0261

We were very hot, we were running low on water, but the views made it 100% worth it.

Honeymoon 42-IMG_0262

Honeymoon 43-IMG_0263

Once the hike was complete, we were in need of some fuel and cool air.

We found the Gelataria Artigianale, which was recommended by Rick Steves himself (there was a picture of him at the restaurant outside!)

Brian opted for the refreshing lemon granita made with local, organic, fresh lemons (so good!)

Honeymoon 47-IMG_0267

I opted for the fig smoothie made with local figs!  They were both absolutely refreshing 🙂

Honeymoon 49-IMG_0269

Honeymoon 50-IMG_0270

After the hike, we explored Corniglia a bit more popping in and out of the shops and admiring the views of the coast.

Once we were done exploring, it was time to head back to our little home for the week in Riomaggiore.  We were both extremely sweaty and more than ready to shower and clean up.

The night before, while we were sitting on our balcony, we noticed everyone walking down to the water with a bottle of wine and a box of pizza to watch the sunset.  We knew that this was something we HAD to do as well, so we made this night the night!

Honeymoon 51-IMG_0271

The pizza’s looked large, but the crust was so paper thin that they really weren’t as HUGE as they seemed.  Brian and I opted for the pesto pizza, and after about a 10 minute wait we headed down to a little spot that we had picked out by the water.

Honeymoon 52-IMG_0272

Honeymoon 53-IMG_0273

When we were looking around the town the day before, we spotted an area of steps built right into the rock overlooking the water.  We were SURE that these steps were going to be completely full so we were nervous that we would have to find an alternate dinner location…

Honeymoon 54-IMG_0274

It turns out that we were wrong and we had the steps to ourselves the entire night!

Honeymoon 55-IMG_0275

The sunset was gorgeous, the pizza was tasty, and the wine was refreshing.

It was such a relaxing way to end our first full day in this beautiful region.

Honeymoon 59-IMG_0283

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