After five amazing days in the Cinque Terre region, it was time to part ways and move on to our final honeymoon destination.  W wanted to make sure that we thoroughly enjoyed our last day in this beautiful area by the ocean, so we planned on spending the day at the beach and hiking from Monterosso to Vernazza.

We started bright and early so that we could get the best beach seats possible.  We still look a little sleepy in the picture below!

Honeymoon 1-photo (16)-003

The cafe where we purchased cappuccino and internet from several times also had beach rentals.  For about 20 euro we were able to rent two beach chairs with an umbrella, and internet for the entire day.  What a deal!

Honeymoon 14-photo (22)-001

Honeymoon 19-photo (16)

When we first scoped out the beach earlier in the week, we noticed there were Stand Up Paddle Boards.  We couldn’t wait to try them out!

After soaking in the sun and relaxing for a couple of hours, we headed over to the rental area and decided to give stand up paddle boarding a try.  Of course, Brian had little difficulty getting up and onto the paddle board and cruising around the water.

Honeymoon 12-IMG_0366I, however, had a little bit more difficulty.

Honeymoon 03-IMG_0356

Honeymoon 13-photo (21)-001

Honeymoon 04-IMG_0357

Honeymoon 05-IMG_0358

Honeymoon 06-IMG_0359

Honeymoon 07-IMG_0360

Honeymoon 08-IMG_0362

And I got it!

Honeymoon 10-IMG_0364

It actually wasn’t too difficult to stand on the board and paddle in a straight line.  It was the steering that really threw me off.  Brian and I ended up only renting one paddle board to share, so I eventually just let Brian paddle around while I swam next to him 🙂

Once we were thoroughly hot and tired of sitting still, Brian and I headed out for a hike from the town we were in (Monterosso) to Vernazza.  This path seemed a bit harder than the path we took from Vernazza to Corniglia earlier in the week, but it was equally as beautiful!

Honeymoon 22-photo (14)-001

While we were hiking, we heard a voice ask if we wanted lemonade or limoncello….

But we weren’t sure where it was coming from!

Then, we noticed this little hole in the side of the rock we were hiking next to:

Honeymoon 18-IMG_0367

This man was selling fresh lemonade and limoncello made with lemons from his farm to hikers that walked by.  Brilliant!  Of course we purchased a fresh lemonade and it was amazingly refreshing.

Isn’t the scenery below amazing!?  That is the town we were hiking to:  Vernazza.

Honeymoon 23-photo (15)-001

Once we could see the village, we could also HEAR the village.  Cheers, laughter, buzzer….there was definitely an event of some sort going on but it was hard to make out until we got right into the little town.

Honeymoon 25-IMG_0369

Apparently, on the 20th of July every year there is a festival that goes through the entire day and night…and we got to witness part of it!  We were there while the children were competing in tug of war…it was so cute!

Honeymoon 26-IMG_0370

After finishing our hike, we headed back to our apartment in Riomaggiore to shower up and enjoy our last night in our cute little town.

We ate dinner right outside of our apartment at Ristorante Cila.  We had been eyeing this eatery every single night, as the food looked delicious and there was outdoor seating right on the water.

Honeymoon 1-photo (19)-003

Honeymoon 27-IMG_0371

After our very tasty meal, we decided to walk around our little village one last time to soak it all in while we still could.

Honeymoon 1-photo (22)-002

Honeymoon 1-photo (18)-002

It was a perfect way to end our last night in the magical Cinque Terre.

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  1. Hi! We’re traveling to Cinque Terre this weekend. Which beach were you at in Monterosso? Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica!

      In Monterosso, there was a large beach area with chairs that were available for rent. I don’t remember the specific name because it appeared that in the Monterosso town this was the main beach that people were hanging out at. 🙂 Hope this helps!

    • Hi Bailie! It was just a little company right on the beach. Honestly, we didn’t have to look for it 🙂 They were just there!

    • We were in Monterosso and just found the place that was on the beach offering stand up paddle boarding. Sorry I do’nt have more specific information…we just saw them renting them along the beach!

  2. Okay you must be sick of me commenting but I can’t help live vicariously through you (and Brian). What an amazing end to Cinque Terre! So awesome that you tried stand up paddle boarding. Also, where did you got your top/sports bra (the one you are wearing while doing the hike) Love!

    • I don’t mind the comments at all!!! The pink sports bra is from Marshall’s 🙂 One of my favorite go-to’s for athletic wear that is cute and affordable!

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