Yesterday started out just fine…until I went to dog-sit and couldn’t remember the alarm code to their house!

Before I entered their house, I searched through my planner looking for the number and couldn’t find it, but I thought that I would just let my instincts guide me.  Well, my instincts were wrong and next thing I knew the alarm was going off, and the police were there.

Everything worked out fine, and at least now I know that their alarm system works 😉  Needless to say, it was an interesting way to start my birthday morning.

I then spent the rest of the day studying for Body Pump, and playing with these guys.

Unfortunately, another series of events occurred as I slightly cut my finger while cutting up veggies for lunch.  It wasn’t too bad, but I still thought that having a bandaid would be a good idea since I will be using my hands a lot in Body Pump training, and Brian and I didn’t have any bandaids at the apartment.

When I got to the drugstore, I was overwhelmed by the selection of bandaids…who knew that there were so many options!?

I opted for the cheapest and cutest…Disney princesses of course!  And some gum as a little birthday present to myself.

I then came home and got ready for my night out with Brian.  We were headed to dinner at a little restaurant called 3 Sisters that features mostly vegan and vegetarian dishes and has a great homey feel to it. The restaurant was even on the Food Network!

Until we walked up and realized that they were closed!  We still have no idea, but we had to come up with an alternate plan.

I picked another restaurant, and while we were driving there I called to see if they had any availability for the evening…and they didn’t.  So, options number three it was! (third time is the charm).  1001 Food and Drink.

This restaurant is fairly new, and I had actually been wanting to try it for a while, so it was perfect that we ended up there.  The restaurant has a very sleek feel to it, and has an amazing deck for sitting outside, however, it was pretty chilly yesterday so we opted for the indoor seating.

We started our meal with the appetizer recommended to us by our waiter.  Jalapeno cornbread with baked brie and cranberry on the side.  It was the perfect blend of sweet and savory.  Yum!

Since I was a bit chilly, I ordered the cup of Tomato Bisque which, to me, tasted like yummy pasta sauce.  It was a thick soup, and very tasty.

I also ordered their house salad which had tomato, lettuce, cucumber, cheese, and almonds.

Brian ordered a burger with blue cheese, but I think that his side dish was the highlight of everyone’s meal….sweet potato fries.  Brian and I both love sweet potatoes, but these fries had a slightly sweet cinnamon topping on them.  Thankfully, Brian shared a few with me 😉  They were pretty addicting.

We then headed out for dessert at a self-serve fro yo place…Huddles.  Now, I love fro yo and I think that the self-serve is fun…but it’s almost too overwhelming for me.

I always ending up wanting to try one little bite of everything and then end up with a bowl of random flavors that don’t meld well together (chocolate, original tart, cake batter, and cookies and cream??)  Oh well…I will figure it out one of these days!  For now, I just have to try to keep the flavors as separate as possible.


We then headed out to Butler University to watch their women’s a cappella group perform.  When I was at Butler, I was in this group and absolutely LOVED it!  It was great to actually sit in the audience for once and hear things from the other side.  They were amazing!

Although I loved all of their songs, I think that my favorite song was Marry the Night (originally by Lady Gaga).  I just love that song, and with all of their harmonies and the layering…it was powerful 🙂

The girls even pulled me on stage and sang me happy birthday!!  What a treat.

All in all it was an amazing birthday and I couldn’t have asked for more!  Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, may this 23rd year of life be a great one!

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