Starting your day and managing both working out and getting ready for the day can be tricky. But here are some tips that I have been able to find to really streamline the process!

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As a girl who feels best after my morning gym session, I have come up with a very streamlined “getting ready” routine that I complete at the gym most mornings.

Bodypump Practice

Several of the women at the gym each week compliment me on my speed at getting into my professional wear and I have been called a very fast “getting readier” more than a few times.

I thought that if the ladies in my gym were asking me for tips, you may find some of my tips helpful too!

gym bag text
For me, it all comes down to what is in my gym bag. The magic bag that holds all the things I need to start my day!

gym bag 2Of course there are times when I have forgotten some pretty important items, but these are the basic items that I keep in my gym bag to help me get in and out of the locker room in plenty of time for work.  I have cut my getting ready time down to just 30 minutes including a full shower, styling my hair, putting on my makeup, and accessorizing 😉

gym bag 3 numbered

Items in my bag:

  1. Jewelry–I always pick out my jewelry the night before when I pick out my outfit so that I don’t have to make too many decisions early in the morning.  This also helps to keep my outfits somewhat stylish, because I feel accessories showcase one’s fashion and truly add to an outfit.
  2. Mirror–I use the mirror to look at the back of my head because I usually curl my hair and want to make sure that I don’t miss any pieces. This is also great to have on hand because sometimes the mirror at the gym can be a little packed with other people.
  3. Showering Essentials–this includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, razor, and face wash.  I have everything in mini travel-sized bottles that I just keep in my gym bag so that I don’t have to remember to take them out or repack if I shower at home one day.
  4. Pre-Planned Workout–I always come to the gym with a plan that is either typed out or written on a piece of scrap paper.  Coming to the gym with a plan helps me workout harder, and get things done in a more efficient amount of time. Time is valuable while I am working out and while I am getting ready.
  5. Straightener and/or Curling Iron–I typically curl my hair, but I like to carry both with me just in case.  It’s always good to have a backup just in case one were to break or something!
  6. Hair Dryer–Many gym provide hairdryers for the members to use while getting ready, but you never know what you are going to get or if they are all going to be used by other members.  I find it is best to keep one in my bag…just in case.
  7. Downy Wrinkle Release–When trying to dress for work, it’s important to make sure that your clothes aren’t wrinkled.  When you are packing your clothes the night before and carrying them with you, sometimes things get wrinkled and you don’t want to go to work with wrinkly clothes!  This little bottle has saved me a couple of times.
  8. Hair Brush/Teasing Comb–essentials.  I just keep them in my gym bag because I don’t know what I would do without them!
  9. Lint Roller–Just like the wrinkle release, you never know what is going to happen to your clothes when you are packing them and traveling with them, so it is best to be prepared.
  10. Makeup Bag–self explanatory, but I keep this in my bag as well.

By having these items, picking out my clothing the night before, and focusing while getting ready I am able to get in and out of the gym locker room in no time!

I do have to admit that I don’t wash my hair every single day. My sister and one of my great friends are hairdressers and they have told me more times than I can count that it is best to NOT wash your hair every day. For days that I do this, my secret weapon is Big Sexy Hair Powder Play.

gym bag 4I LOVE this stuff.  It works great if you apply it at your roots and slightly tease the hair.  It helps to absorb the extra oils if you are having a day when you don’t wash your hair, or you are running short on time at the gym.

So, that’s how I streamline my morning to get into professional gear in no time!

Tara Work Wear

Question of the Day:

  • What does your morning routine look like?  
  • Do you shower at the gym or do you get ready at home?

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    • Hi Stephanie! I typically do not brush my teeth at the gym because I brush them at home before the gym, so I do not pack a toothbrush 🙂

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  2. I am having trouble figuring out what to do for showering as well. My hair gets oily fast, and I have an 8AM class.. so I don’t have much time to get ready. But I don’t want to look like a bum every day for school! (Although I don’t mind it) Haha.. anything would help!

    • Have you tried showering the night before? That has helped me out too! Then, if I put it up in a high bun (to hide any extra oil!) it looks stylish and cute and I ALWAYS get compliments 🙂

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  4. You need a blow dryer with a retractable cord; mine is wonderful and makes packing it a breeze! Thanks for the tips!

  5. As someone who is trying to get into a morning workout routine, it’s really helpful to see how other people stay sane trying to get ready at the gym! I’m stopping over from the Pin Party @ The Lean Green Bean. 🙂

    • It can be hard to get used to going to the gym early, but when you are done with work and ready to go home at the end of the day, you will be so thankful you did it!!

  6. Great tips! I get ready at home, but I find that being organized is still the key to going from sweaty to professional quickly. And I don’t wash my hair everyday either, so that helps makes things go a little faster some days.

    • Organization is SO important. Even when I am the most tired, taking that extra 10 minutes at night to prepare really makes a difference.

    • It looks so cute!! How does it work? Right now, I have a little jewelry pouch, but everything gets tangled in it and I would love to figure out a way to avoid that!

  7. I am super lucky that I don’t work till 10, and so I don’t really have that rush to get ready. And my gym is super close – like in my basement. I did get a new gym bag – Lug puddle jumper – and it makes teaching night classes much easier. I can throw in my clothes, ipod and key card the morning of or night before plus a protein bar and be good to go.

    • You are so lucky that you don’t have to be to work until late 🙂 But it is also soooo important to be prepared for those after work classes too. Thanks for sharing!

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