Happy Monday!

This weekend was extremely productive when it came down to knocking things off of the wedding to-do list.  I also had to go through this weekend with the mindset that I will only be home at a normal time on Thursday night.  This meant a lot of prep work for the week needed to be done.

I typically use my Sunday’s to cut-up veggies, pre-portion some lunch items, and bake things for the week ahead, but today I did something that kind of amazed even me!

food prep

I prepped all of the above meals in just ONE hour!  That would be 5 breakfasts, complete lunches, and snacks for myself and 5 lunches with snacks included for Brian.

food prep 3

Now, all of the meals are pretty much the same, and typically I enjoy a bit more variety in my day-to-day eats.  This week, time will not allow for variety, and I am ok with that.  As long as I have nutritious and tasty foods during this crazy week I will be a happy and energized girl!

Here is an outline of what we will be eating for the next week:


  • Greek yogurt with assorted fruits (I totally emptied the freezer!) topped with chopped nuts
  • Brian will make himself an egg sandwich every morning 🙂


  • My lunch:  bed of spinach and romaine topped with 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa, chopped black olives, chopped red onion, 1/4 cup black beans, a protein option (veggie burger, tuna, or tofu), and salsa
  • Brian’s lunch:  baked potato topped with avocado, baked chicken breast and salsa


  • Carrots/celery with hummus
  • Apples with 1 oz of cheese
  • Trail mix (sunflower seeds, raisins, pepitas, roasted soy beans, granola, pecans, walnuts, dried pineapple, and a bunch of other stuff!)
  • Assortment of nutrition bars

food prep 2If you have a busy week ahead and are in need of some other Food Prep Inspiration, Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean has done a great job showcasing many different food prep inspiration photos.

Food Prep Collage text

Whenever I am lacking time and things seem to be piling up on my plate, I like to take a deep breath and make a plan.  When I have a plan going into a busy week I feel more motivated, successful, happy, and I am able to tackle everything that needs to get done.

Questions of the Morning:

  • Do you prep food for the week?
  • If you do, do you create complete meals that are grab and go or do you just get things ready for cooking throughout the week?

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    • Meal planning is awesome!! I only prep when I have to, I would much rather prefer to come home and leisurely cook dinner at the end of the day.

  1. I meal prep every Sunday night! And I actually love it!

    I will do one dish, chili for example, to be my lunch all week. I eat 5-6 meals a day. So I prep and portion all my meals so they are easy to grab and go!

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