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Before completing my last long run  before tomorrow’s Monumental Half Marathon, I slipped into some compression sleeves.

I slipped into these sleeves hoping that they would live up to the hype that everyone has been giving compression wear.  According to the package, they provide “graduated compression for better circulation and added support and stabilization.”  “True gradient compression can help provide more energy for endurance, better performance, reduced muscle fatigue, and a shorter recovery time after a long workout.”

In the past, after completing my long runs, my calves are sore!  I usually foam roll, put on Bengay, and have Brian massage out some of the tension.  The last time I had him massage my calves he literally said it felt like I had rocks in my calves…nice huh?

I knew that I needed to do something about this muscle fatigue, and hoped that the compression sleeves would live true to their reputation of providing energy and speeding up recovery time by increasing the blood flow.

Honestly, I had tossed around the idea of purchasing some compression sleeves for a while, but they are so dang expensive! 

I then had a pair come through on Active Schwaggle, a daily deals site for active wear, for only $17!  I knew that was a great deal and I had to snatch them right away.  I am so thankful that I did!

Not only did they allow my calves to not feel like rocks for days after my long run on Sunday, but they kept my legs warm too!  I am a true believer in the power of these compression sleeves…now I just wish that I had some in a more fun color!

Tomorrow, I will be decked in compression gear from head to toe:  shirt, capris, and sleeves.

I am ready for this race tomorrow, but I will not be trying to beat my personal best time or anything like that this time.  To me, this race is more of a fun race that I will try to “enjoy” rather than focus on my speed.  I am running with one of my friends, the weather will be pretty chilly, and we are running through Butler University’s (my alma mater!) campus.  Overall, I think that this race will be a fun experience.

Have you ever tried compression gear?  How has compression gear impacted your ability to complete and recover from long runs?



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  1. Wow – that daily deal site seems pretty awesome. My friends call me Coupon Caitlin so it is SO good to know this exists. Thanks!
    I am not really a runner so have never tried compression gear or looked into it. My mom is a runner but she is more of a knee problem person, not a calf problem person! Still, it’s cool to hear that they live up to the blog world hype.

    • The daily deals are great! There are a ton of things for people who are active and sometimes they put discounted race entries and stuff like that on there. I recommend signing up for it Coupon Caitlin!

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