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Today, I wanted to share something not related to food or fitness.  I guess technically it is related to health…

Firmoo Glasses | Treble in the Kitchen

Did you guys know that I wear glasses?  HA! Considering I wear contacts everyday and rarely wear my glasses except in the evening before bed, I wouldn’t be shocked if you told me you had no idea that I had four eyes.  I have a VERY strong prescription, so my glasses tend to look a little funny in person.

About a month ago, Bernie got a little….curious in the middle of the night and actually chomped down on my glasses…yikes! (He didn’t actually eat them, but they were ruined beyond repair)

Luckly, Firmoo came to the rescue 🙂

Firmoo Glasses | Treble in the Kitchen

They offer super affordable glasses (I think most are under $50!) that you can purchase online.

Affordable glasses delivered straight to your doorstep with @firmoo! Share on X

All you have to do is get on the site, pick out the frames you like, enter your prescription and click the order button!  They make it really easy to pick your frames because you can upload a picture of yourself so you can “try the glasses on” before ordering.

I did pay a little extra for “ultra thin” frames since my prescription is so strong, but the frames are still a bit thick for my taste.  I guess that’s just one of the perks of having severe near-sightedness 😉

Firmoo Glasses | Treble in the Kitchen

Another thing I want to note is that the glasses do not feel like they are very high quality, so I plan on being very careful with them!  The frames feel a bit thin and flexible rather than sturdy and stable like some other glasses I have purchased.

Other than that, I love them!

Thanks so much for the glasses, Firmoo! 🙂

Question of the Day:

  • Are you a glasses wearer?
  • Have you ever ordered glasses online?
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  1. Did you notice that all the comments you got were complementing you on how nice you look wearing glasses. And I couldn’t agree more. You do look really cute wearing glasses. Too many women for some reason don’t feel as attractive when wearing glasses when in fact they usually look every bit as good if not even better wearing glasses. I’m a retired optician and my goal when fitting a young lady with her glasses was to help her choose the most flattering frame possible. And I am proud to say i think that i was quite successful in doing that. I really hope that after you got your new glasses from Firmoo that you left the contacts in the bathroom and wore your glasses much more often in public so everyone else could complement you on how good you look wearing glasses.
    Yes I have ordered well over a hundred pairs of glasses on line but mostly from Zenni optical (zenni.com) Back in my working days i became aware of a number of on line glasses both from patients as well as several of the female opticians and optical assistants that were ordering prescription sunglasses as well as extra glasses on line because they were so cheap. As you know with your own glasses the glasses on line are just as good quality wise as any local outlet has to offer.
    Have you ordered any new glasses on line since getting this pair?

    • Thanks, Haley! I don’t have a hair tutorial, YET but many people have asked for one so it’s in the works!! 🙂

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