Yesterday started with a can of hairspray….


Remember a couple of weeks ago when Ryan (a friend from Brian’s dental school class) and I auditioned to perform at the Circle of Lights Talent Search?

circle of lights audition

We made it to the final round of callbacks, which happened to be last night!  The day started with hairspray because we had the performance last night, and I was completely out of hairspray.  I have to admit that I use a lot of hairspray on a regular basis, but for performance?  Well, let’s just say I use a lot! 😉

This year, they are making the Circle the Lights Talent Search kind of like a reality show.  They video taped the initial auditions, and they video taped our final auditions and a lot of other elements for the television show last night.

It was such an amazing experience, and I am so happy and thankful that Ryan and I were able to be part of it.

We sang our little butts off and had a blast doing it!

circle of lights callback

circle of lights callback

circle of lights callback

circle of lights callback

circle of lights callback

circle of lights callback

After singing, there were some interviews along a lot of waiting and getting to know the other performers.

circle of lights callback

There was also a LOT of standing and smiling.

circle of lights callback

I consider myself to be a pretty smiley person, but even MY cheeks were sore by the end of the evening!

circle of lights callback

circle of lights callback

I have actually never seen the Circle of Lights ceremony, because it is always on Thanksgiving night and Brian and I are always driving up to Fort Wayne to visit with my family that night.  Hopefully this year will be different!

There were eight semi-finalists performing over all last night, and everyone did an absolutely amazing job.  We honestly feel so honored that we were invited to perform with all of these outstanding musicians and dancers.

Out of the eight semi-finalists, only four will actually perform at the Circle of Lights ceremony on Monument Circle in Indianapolis on Thanksgiving night…and we won’t find out who until the show airs!!!

For all of my Indianapolis friends and readers:  The show will air on RTV6 Tuesday, November 26 at 7pm and that is when the winner will be announced. 

This was such an amazing experience.

circle of lights callback

Ryan and I could not stop grinning from ear to ear the ENTIRE night because of the excitement we felt.

Even though it was a late night, we treated ourselves to a little night cap before parting ways and heading home.

circle of lights callback

Can’t wait to find out who is performing….

Question of the Day:

  • Indiana readers: Have you ever seen the Circle of Lights Christmas Tree Lighting the day after Thanksgiving?
  • Non-Indiana readers:  What is a favorite holiday tradition you look forward to year after year?
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  1. Congrats! I’ve had several friends perform in the Circle of Lights over the years – in groups or as soloists! And a dear friend of mine plays Santa every year! I always love bundling up and heading over with friends to watch!

  2. I saw you last night while my husband and I were running along the canal. I wanted to yell “Treble in the Kitchen!!” But I thought that would be rude and didn’t want to interrupt you 🙂 Good luck, hope you make it!

  3. So exciting! Congrats girly! It sounds like such a fun event to be apart of! We always spend thanksgiving at the beach, and although it doesn’t seem very traditional, it is so much fun!

  4. Yahoo! Starting with almost 150 auditions and making it down to the final 8 is amazing! I vote for team Tara and Ryan to make it the final performance. Can’t wait to see what happens!

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