Hello everyone!

The very important meeting that I went to this morning was to get my new iPhone!  I am officially part of the iPhone club 🙂

I met my dad at the AT&T store so that we could upgrade my current phone, which wasn’t as old as a flip phone, but it definitely was nothing exciting.  I feel like I haven’t really been able to use the phone to it’s full potential yet though because I ordered a case that won’t be for a couple of days and until then, I am guarding this puppy and keeping it as safe as possible!  There are so many things that I need to learn about this phone that I don’t even know where to begin.

I then headed to Greenwood, just about 30 minutes South of Indianapolis, to spend the afternoon with Brian’s grandma!  First, she took me to lunch at one of her favorite little pizza places called Jockamo Pizza.

It was such a cute restaurant that smelled delicious, had a friendly atmosphere, and tasty food.  Grandma and I both opted for the “health nut” salad.  This salad is what I call a “lettucless” salad…just broccoli, tomato, onion, cucumber, and pine nuts.  I asked for a little hard boiled egg on top for some protein 😉  Can’t have any meal without it!  The salad came with two huge breadsticks as well and a drink, but I opted for water.  And you will never guess how much this all cost…$5!  I couldn’t believe how great of a deal that was.

We were then headed to a movie, but since we were running a little bit early we stopped at the dollar store to pick up some Easter decor to decorate the apartment with when Brian and I host Easter brunch on Sunday.  I had no idea how much of a jackpot the dollar store was when it came to holiday and theme decorations!  Deal number two of the day.

We then headed to the theater to see the movie Mirror Mirror, and we were struck with another deal.  On Tuesdays, all day and night, movies cost $5 for everyone!  And on top of that, we got a free popcorn for using the Regal Cinemas card, and a $2 popcorn because it was Tuesday!  Who can beat that!?


The movie was a great twist on the tale of Snow White.  I always love Julia Roberts in every role that she plays, but I thought that everyone in this movie did a great job!  It was definitely a movie to please a large variety of people.


After the movie, I headed out to another meeting, then came back home to play with the puppies a bit, and make some dinner.  I wasn’t feeling too hungry after going out for lunch and snacking on a bit of corn during the movie theater, so I am sorry to say (or not sorry…) that dinner was small and boring.  Simply tuna, cauliflower hummus, and veggies.

Brian came over to eat with me (don’t worry, I made him something different!) and surprised me with an early birthday gift.  It was so sudden.  We were simply eating our meals and sharing highlights from our day when literally he says:

“I have to give you one of your birthday presents now.  It’s not your only birthday present, and I know how much you love surprises, but I literally have to give it to you now and it can’t wait.”

I was so confused.  What could this mystery gift be that HAS to be given to me 24 days before my birthday??  So, clearly I said he could give it to me after we finished eating, and only if he told me why he had to give it to me sooo early.

After we were done eating (the suspense was killing me!) he went and got it…

This photo is unedited and taken on my new iPhone 🙂


A Butler license plate!  And the reason he absolutely had to give it to me now was because my last name ends with a D, and the date to change my license plate on my car is this Saturday!  Originally, he thought that we had until the end of the month, but when I was at Brian’s grandma’s house today, his aunt noticed that my plates were expired….thank goodness!

After dinner, I went for a 3 mile jog because I am beginning a plan to increase my mileage, but I have to start small with the basics and work my way up.  (There will be more on that later…)


Now, I am off to read a little before bed and play with my new phone.  Enjoy your night!

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