Good morning!


I hope that everyone’s Tuesday is off to a great start.  This morning I woke up wondering if my legs would be sore from my workout yesterday.  Although I have been able to stay active since I have been home from the cruise ship, I haven’t done a single workout that only focuses on legs.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the feeling of being completely sore and unable to move the day after (or sometimes the day after after) a workout.  Is that just a “me” thing, or does everyone enjoy that feeling?


Well, this morning I am not sore from yesterday, but I will say that I am “aware.”  I can feel in my legs that I worked them yesterday, more in specific movements, but I am still able to completely function while walking, sitting, standing, and moving my legs.  I guess I will settle for a feeling of “awareness” rather than nothing at all!


Here are some things that I have done in the past to help relieve muscular pain the day after a hard workout:

  • Drink plenty of water during and after the workout–this will hopefully allow you to avoid the muscle soreness the day after
  • Light exercise such as walking, jogging, and biking will help the muscles repair themselves quicker by increasing the blood flow to the sore and tight muscles.
  • Massage–Now, I am completely new to this idea, but while working on the cruise and having the fitness center as part of the spa, I was able to receive massages to aid in my muscles soreness and tightness…and boy did it help!  I never realized the importance of massage when it comes to physical fitness.  While this won’t immediately relieve the pain, it will aid in the overall healing process of the muscles.
  • Stretching and yoga–As important as I know these two activities are, especially for active bodies, I struggle to take as much time as I should to do them, yet whenever I do I feel amazing afterward and am much less sore or “aware” after an intense sweat session.


Yesterday Afternoon

Now that we have talked about how to avoid some of that pain associated with a new or intense workout, let’s talk about puppies!

Yesterday morning, it was very cold, but as the day went on it got warmer and sunnier, and it was a perfect day to play outside with the pups.

Just Chillin'
Playing with his favorite frisbee

After playing with the dogs, I knew Brian was coming over for a study break and for dinner.  It came together quick and simple.  I baked up a new to me fish, pollock, and placed it on top of a bed of spinach and veggies dressed with vinegar for a very light and flavorful dinner salad.

When Brian arrived he surprised me!

Beautiful spring flowers!

I love little surprises like that 🙂



Now, back to today (this post has been all over the place!).

Another bowl of overnight oats.

Today, I used almond extract instead of vanilla.  It gave it a slightly nutty flavor, which I absolutely LOVED!  I also added some chopped pear and a little almond butter on the side.  DELISH!


Now, I am off to cross some things off of the to-do list before heading out to a very important meeting with my dad today.  You will find out what it is about later!


Have an amazing day!

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