Usually right now I would post about what I ate for lunch, or what has happened in my day thus far.  Today, I wanted to tell you about a goal of mine that I have had for a while.  Victoria’s Secret model hair.

I go through hair phases, and actually had pretty long hair a couple of years ago and then I got it chopped because I like change.  Now, I would love long luscious locks like Heidi Klum in this picture 🙂

I have been growing my hair out since around Christmas time.  Here is a picture of me last year at this time:

And here is now:

I think I have made a considerable amount of progress!!  It helps that my sister does hair now and can trim it whenever I see her.

I know that I just have to keep my eye on the goal, keep my hair healthy, take my vitamins, and I will be a happy girl with beautiful long hair in no time 😉


What do you prefer?

Long hair or short hair?  What is the most drastic hair cut you have ever had??

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