Good Morning!

This week has literally FLOWN by….anyone else feel that way?

Last night, after work, it was time to complete my long run for my half marathon training program. 9 miles.

9 mile runAs I am one of the group leaders for the NIFS Mini Marathon Training Program, I float wherever needed between the 9:30, 10, and 10:30 pace groups.  Last night, I was needed in the 9:30 pace group. For some reason, the group which is usually around 8 people dwindled down to just 3 last night!

No worries though, we were off to a slow start hitting closer to 9:50 probably due to some crazy wind, but after our mid-run water break, we were picking up pace in no time and finished with a pace of 9:33.  Not too shabby!


When I arrived home, I had a couple of goodies waiting for me.

Designer Whey Protein Powder

designer whey proteinI ordered this on Monday night from my favorite health food website and it already arrived!  Now that is speedy delivery.

Brian also had a little present waiting for me:

Italy bookWe are heading to Cinque Terre, Florence, and Milan for our honeymoon in July.  We have most of the accommodations and transportation booked, but we have no actual activities booked!  Hopefully, good old Rick Steves will be able to give us some guidance 🙂

If you have ever traveled to Cinque Terre, Florence, or Milan we would love to hear some recommendations for anything!  Places to eat, things to see, places to go, etc….Just comment below!

I hope you all have an amazing Thursday!

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