Good Morning (for me!) Good Night (for you!)


I didn’t post yesterday because it was a bit of a hectic morning.  My original plan was to wake up at 5am and Skype with Brian, study, blog, and head to the gym.  None of that actually ended up happening though because I woke up at 7am!  Now, this still gave me plenty of time to get ready and get to training, but nothing else was able to get accomplished.  On top of this, when I went to leave, I realized that I didn’t have my key!


I searched and searched because we need our keys to check in for breakfast, and I had no luck.  I then went downstairs and informed the front desk so that I could have a meal voucher instead.  So, I was able to eat but I had no key.  Luckily, I am literally never in my room.

Class today wasn’t so bad.  The past couple of days we have been working on learning specific speeches and our consultations.  We have to practice everything now to get all of the kinks out because when we get on a ship, there will be no time for mistakes.  Things are also moving at a very fast pace.  After the first night, we needed to be ready to present a four page seminar with simply notecards.  It was difficult, but I was able to get it done…now I am working on memorizing that seminar!

I feel  like there is always a chance that we could be asked to perform anything that we have been taught, so as we are learning things, I am constantly reviewing (or revising as the English say 😉 ).

In my group, I am the only American.  I am constantly surrounded by accents and dialects from literally all over the world and I think that it is amazing!  But for some reason, everyone constantly comments on how great my speaking voice is and how easy it is to listen to because I am American.   While on the other hand, I think that there voices are fascinating!

Our instructor told us that the majority of people who cruise are American, so he was telling us things that “Americans” like to talk about so that we could learn how to make small talk.


Honestly, these are very vital skills for the profession that we are about to embark in, but I think it is funny that we literally have to be taught about it. He really generalized the American culture by saying that many people never leave the town that they are born in and that the majority of the population doesn’t have passports.  It is always interesting to hear what someone else has to say about you isn’t it?

There are little things that are such a part of my life, and I wouldn’t think twice about talking about the topic with someone that many of  he people I am working with have never heard of!

  • Show choir
  • March Madness
  • Spring Break
  • Cheerleaders

And they are all fascinated with the idea of these kinds of topics!  It makes the little things that we do in life seem extra exciting, which is nice.


After studying for what seemed like hours (yet somehow there is always more to do) it was time for me to head to bed.  I washed my face, changed my clothes and did the normal routine.  As soon as I stretched my legs out in bed….I found my lost key!


The day turned out to be alright after  all.  😉


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