With 2022 just around the corner, planning and prepping for the new year sometimes begins with making a weekly plan for fitness and eating. I have found a lot of luck with this scheduling. Check out a sample plan of mine below.

Hi guys!

Happy almost new year! I know everyone is thinking of their new year’s resolutions, so here are a few tips on how to best start planning for your 2022 goals. I hope your weekend has been great!!

Mine has been BUSY causing lots of “treble” in the kitchen (pun intended…) due to lots of cookbook recipe testing, but luckily we were able to have some friend time on Friday night 🙂  Basically, my weekend has been all about the food with a little fitness mixed in!

Friday night at Liz and Aidan’s.  They threw an amazing French-themed party for Aidan’s birthday! This was such a fun way to experience a different culture in a time where traveling isn’t happening much.

french dinner

french dinner

Saturday I got busy in the kitchen right away, did some studying, and then took a break to fit in a quick run.

blueberry madness bars

post run tara

I couldn’t believe how speedy my legs were!  This is by far my fastest run at altitude and I am pretty darn happy about it. Getting outside and running makes me feel so good, so I always make sure to include an outdoor workout in my plan, if the weather allows of course. 

3 mile run

Then more cooking…


I am really enjoying testing all of these recipes because it is forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and cook with items that I don’t usually cook with like lavender….

lavendar buds

And beef.  Although I’m not a red-meat eater Brian thought this recipe was delicious 🙂

beef and broccoli

We had a couple of friends spend the night last night, so we enjoyed the fruits of the cookbook labor with delicious little egg cups.  So tasty and



So as far as meals go for the week, Brian and I will be eating lots of items I have already cooked (soups, salads, etc) which is kind of nice 🙂 Meal prep helps us stick to a healthy eating schedule, especially with running around and keeping up with the busy schedules that we all live. 

Here is a look at my plan for fitness this week. Planning ahead for the week, makes me stick with the plan even more so. Here’s what my fitness schedule looks like for the next week:

Monday:  Strength training and indoor cycling

Tuesday:  Boot camp and teach Cardio HIIT

Wednesday:  Strength training and yoga

Thursday:  Run outside?  Maybe an at-home workout?  Thursdays are kind of a mixed bag.

Friday:  Tabata and Total Strength Class

Saturday:  Run outside

Sunday:  OFF 🙂


  • What do you have planned for meals and fitness this week!?
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