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Vegetarian Antipasto Salad

My family LOVES pickles. And we don’t discriminate leaving the pickling to cucumbers – we adore that vinegary, salty taste and this time of year we crave it!

We love pickles so much that when we would visit a local farm for u-pick strawberry picking (or something like that) we would all get a giant pickle that was probably as big as our head (and eat the entire thing), we all gave each other pickle ornaments for Christmas one year, and every time we ate Subway sandwiches or made our own subs at home we would politely request “extra extra pickles please!” The pickle love is real.

Why am I sharing all of this with you as I introduce a Vegetarian Antipasto Salad recipe?

Antipasto (the plural is Antipasti…yep, I had to look that up because I was unsure of the difference between the two) traditionally contains olives, artichoke hearts, pickled vegetables and LOTS of vinegar (one of the key ingredients in pickles).  

So no, my Vegetarian Antipasto Salad does not actually contain pickles (but I bet tossing a few in wouldn’t be a bad idea…), but it has that salty, vinegar taste that my family and I love!

Click through to get the recipe for my Vegetarian Antipasto Salad.