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Recent Appearances


5-2018: FODMAPPER Magazine – Issue 2

9-21-2018: WISHTV Indy Style – Fruits and Veggies More Matters Month

10-24-2018: The Butler Collegian – How to Adult: Grocery Shopping on a Budget

11-21-2018: WISHTV Indy Style – How to Use A Leftover Can of Pumpkin


1-4-2017:  All Access Internships RD2Blog – Pump Up Songs for DICAS:  The Ultimate Playlist

1-18-2017:  All Access Internships RD2Blog – Your Step-By-Step Guide to the Dietetic Internship Application

1-30-2017:  All Access Internships RD2Blog – Prerequisite Courses for Dietetics Programs

2-24-2017: MSN Lifestyle – Money Saving Food Storage Hacks You Need to Try Now

3-13-2017:  All Access Internships RD2Blog – 5 Healthy Green St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

3-31-2017:  All Access Internships RD2Blog – Foodie April Fool’s Jokes

4-15-2017:  WTHR Indianapolis – Last Minute Healthy Easter Basket Ideas (television appearance)

4-16-2017:  All Access Internships RD2Blog – 5 Healthy Easter Basket Treats

4-24-2017:  All Access Internships Nutrition Nerd News – Stevia and Blood Sugar Control

10-19-2017: WISHTV Indy Style – Fall Soups (television appearance)

12-12-2017: WISHTV Indy Style – Make Ahead Breakfasts For A Crowd (television appearance)


4-14-2016:  All Access Internships RD2Blog – The Perfect Thank You for Your Dietetic Mentor

5-2-2016:  The Happy Health Freak – Healthy Cinco de Mayo Recipes

5-4-2016:  Talk Less Say More – 6 Workouts to Get You Summer Ready

5-4-2016:  Healthy Living Blogs – Protein Balls and Bites

5-9-2016:  Healthy Aperture – 100 Healthy Lunch Recipes

5-11-2016:  Healthy Living Blogs – Sauces and Dressings

6-16-2016:  Food and Nutrition Student Scoop Blog – Why I Chose a Distance Dietetics Program

6-29-2016:  Be Well Philly – Healthy Cookout Recipes for Fourth of July

6-30-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – Have Fun in the Kitchen with our “Turnip the Beet” Spotify Playlist

7-1-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – Kate Scarlata RDN-How She Became a New York Times Best Selling Author!

7-27-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – How Joy Bauer Went from Clinical Dietitian to One of the Most Popular RDs on TV!

7-31-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – 4 Tips to Stay on Your A-Game This Summer

8-11-2016:  Food and Nutrition Student Scoop Blog – Pros and Cons of Being a Distance Dietetics Student

8-13-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – How Regan Jones, RD Built a Ridiculously Popular Blog and Online Business!

8-23-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – Pump Up Songs To Boost Your Confidence Before Any Nutrition Exam

8-28-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – Instagram-Inspired Smoothies

9-19-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – 10 Quotes to Inspire you This Semester

9-24-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – 10 Minute (or Less!) Youtube Workout Videos – Perfect for a Study Break

10-11-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – You Know You’re a Dietetics Major When…

10-20-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – 5 Study Tips to Pass Biochem

11-30-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – 3 Stretches to Reduce Stress…No Seriously!

12-15-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – 5 Strategies for Finding Distance Dietetic Internship Preceptors

12-28-2016:  All Access Internships Blog – Our 2017 Food Trend Predictions


January 2015:  Dandizette Magazine – The Perfect Thank You

1-25-2015:  Dandizette Magazine – Mychelle Natural Skincare

2-11-2015:  Skinny Ms – Simple Black Bean Corn Quinoa Salad

2-26-2015:  Dandizette Magazine – Glowing Skin Face Mask

3-7-2015:  Dandizette Magazine – Epsom Salt Body Scrub

3-13-2015:  Indoor Cycling Mixes – Five Indoor Cycling Workouts

4-25-2015: Dandizette Magazine – Ice Face Mask

5-1-2015:  Now Influencer Immersion Event – (at 1:30 in video)

5-23-2015:  Dandizette Magazine – DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

10-7-2015: – 4 Ways to Cook with Apples

10-26-2015:  Addvantage USA Blog – Staying Fit During the Cold Holiday Season


3-10-2014:  WellPoint Exercise Break for Partnership for Healthier America and Let’s Move Campaign

4-26-2014:  Oh My Veggies! – Saturday Six

4-28-2014:  NIFS Blog – Three Group Fitness Classes You Need to Try Now!

6-5-2014: WTHR – 5 Exercises in 15 Minutes

9-26-2014:  NIFS Blog – 5 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

Fall 2014:   Solid Gold Eats – Vegetarian Chili Recipes

Winter 2014:  Skinny Ms – Citrusy Garlicky Baked Shrimp

12-26-2014:  NIFS Blog – 5 Reasons to Wear a Fitness Tracker


1-17-2013:  NIFS Blog – January Class of the Month:  Bodycombat

3-4-2013:  NIFS Blog – How to Dress for Running in Cold Weather

3-6-2013:  NIFS Blog – How to Beat the Winter Blues

3-25-2013:  NIFS Blog – March Class of the Month:  CXWORX

4-2-2013:  DoingIndy – Active Date Ideas in Indianapolis

4-17-2013:  NIFS Blog – Springtime Recipe:  Carrot Spice Muffins

4-30-2013:  NIFS Blog – HIT (High Intensity Training) at NIFS

5-2-2013:  DoingIndy – Dropping In, Our Insider’s Guide to Indianapolis Fitness Classes

5-16-2013:  NIFS Blog – NIFS May Class of the Month:  Boot Camp

Summer 2013: 90+ Cellars Weekender Wine Pairings

9-23-2013:  Sunglass Warehouse – Fall Fashion Show Interview

10-11-2013:  Healthy Living Blogs – Friday Feature

11-4-2013:  The Lifestyle Accountability Show Podcast


Summer 2012:  Easley Winery – Cooking Made Easley

Oatmeal Toppings – Just a Minute Abs…and Chocolate Cake

Summer 2012:  Foods Alive – August Newsletter–Love Bites

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