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Easy Salmon Burgers

What a week! 

This past week has been filled with so many changes and news as well as ups and downs. I hope you are all handling things ok. 

I have been making a point to facetime/zoom call with friends and family, talk on the phone, and take time to relax (and resist the urge that I must be 100% productive all the time…). I’ll be honest in saying the beginning of last week had me facing a lot of fear about going into my birthing time, which could happen really any time in the next few weeks! Thankfully, I have some really amazing tools and a support system that have helped Brian and I both shift into the mental space of letting go of any expectations we have for our birthing time. Whatever happens will be exactly what is needed for our baby girl to arrive here safely. 

Now onto these Salmon Burgers…

These are a really quick meal to toss together, use canned salmon (yay for pantry-safe foods!) or leftover salmon, and both result in a delicious and satisfying Salmon Burger.