Yesterday, I ran the Monumental Half Marathon with two friends, Lauren and Colleen.

We started the weekend by meeting up after work on Friday to register for race day, pick up our packets and shirts, and to check out the race expo.

The expo was full of runners, running headbands, discounted clothing, shoes, energy gels and blocks for during the race, and just about anything else that you can think of that could possibly relate to running.

After picking up our shirts and packets, we thought we would walk around to see what kind of free samples were being passed out, because after….who doesn’t love a little something free.

I think my favorite sample was the Core Power drink.  I have heard so many great things about the simple ingredient list, high nutrition value, and great taste of this drink and it definitely lived up to all that I have heard.  I was able to sample the honey, chocolate, vanilla, and light strawberry banana.  They were all extremely tasty, but I ended up taking the light strawberry banana home with me 🙂

There was also a booth with Carb BOOM! Energy Gel.  I am not one to use the energy gels while I run, but the man at this booth was sampling the gels, and I wanted to give them a try.  These are unique because the gels are made with real fruit, so the carbs and the energy come from the fruit and not from crazy chemicals.  They had a great flavor, and I purchased a banana flavored pack to have on hand,just in case ;).

One thing that I love this race is that it truly featured the key points of Indianapolis.  Each mile marker was a different “monument” of Indianapolis.  Some of the monuments included Lucas Oil Stadium, Monument Circle, Butler University, and the Children’s Museum.

After registering for the race and coming home early enough to ay out my warm clothes, charge my Garmin and iPod, and get a good night’s sleep…I felt ready for the race.


This race was a little different for me.  I went into it wanting to have fun, and I wanted to run with  my friends rather than say hi to them at the start and then part ways within the first mile.

We were cold at the start, but as soon as we started moving our minds quickly forgot that it was 39 degrees out.

The sun rose over the city, and was an amazing view to start out the race.

Sorry for the blurry pictures…that’s what happens when you take a picture while running 😉

The race was great, and we stuck together for most of it!  Right as we crossed the finish line, they wrapped us in these silver plastic blankets to keep the heat in and put a medal around our neck.

I didn’t realize how cold it really was until I stopped moving, and then I realized that it was REALLY cold!! Thank goodness I had gloves.

We were lucky enough to finish before the rain started to come down, but the people completing the full marathon were stuck in some messy weather.

After getting our silver robes and our finisher medals, we stopped by the various tents for some much needed food to refuel.  The food provided was pretty standard:  bagels, bananas, apples, chocolate milk, and cookies.  There were some interesting treats too!  I think the treat I was most interested in trying was the Planter’s Nutrition Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut butter.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks pretty awesome if you ask me!


The official finishing time:  2:04:27  pace–9:29  overall place–2254/4985  age group place–116

I then came home to a HOT shower to thaw out and ran some errands.

While running errands, I saw some of this action…

Maybe I am the only one, but it really does not bother me one bit that the Christmas decorations are coming out.  I still have not played a single Christmas tune, as I am religious about waiting until after Christmas, but I am loving the little pops of Christmas decor that I see out and about.

Kate, Brian’s mom and I, then headed out to pamper our tootsies and get pedicures.  Usually I spend so much time deciding which color, but yesterday I went with the first color that caught my eye…”Mistletoe-sies.”  I guess I have Christmas on the brain!

My evening consisted of relaxing on my sister’s new couch eating fro-yo in her new apartment while painting our fingernails, watching a movie, and talking about bachelorette party plans.

The perfect way to spend a lazy evening, if you ask me!

What did you do on Saturday?

Do you like Christmas decorations being out early, or do you HAVE to wait until after Thanksgiving?

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  1. Congratulations on an awesome race girl. Glad you and your girlfriends had fun. Sometimes those sort of races are the best!

    I don’t mind Christmas decorations being out before Christmas.. okay well I do mind if people have lights out on their homes before Thanksgiving.

  2. Congrats on running a fantastic race! I love hearing others’ perspectives of the race. I ran the race as well, and finished 22 minutes faster than my half marathon 6 months ago! I had a great time.

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