Today was a “monumental” day in Indianapolis.  In the center of the city, there is a place called Monument Circle, which is literally a traffic circle with a giant monument in the center of it.


They took the top portion of the monument “Lady Victory” down to be restored, and it was in the circle today for people to get an up close look.  Apparently, this is the only time we will be able to see it in our life times!  And I got a picture 🙂

There she is!


Growing up, and still today, my mom has always been one to make a themed meal for the holiday.  I really wanted to make something summery refreshing and crisp since I feel that Labor Day is kind of the last “hurrah” for summer.  The chilly weather almost steered me away from making a totally summer meal, but I stuck to my guns and went with it.

I made a salad of spinach and romaine lettuce topped with apples, blue cheese, candied pecans, grilled chicken, red onion, and red bell pepper.  So light and delicious!  Just what I wanted 🙂  I topped it with Balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, black pepper, and basil.

Brian and I then went on a little bike ride around a very cute residential area downtown in Indianapolis called Lockerbie.  The houses are so cute, historic, and some resemble brownstones.  It is just a quaint little area, and the nip in the air really made it feel like fall.

One of my faves!


I realize that I forgot to do a Yoga Pose of the Day, but it is a holiday…there will be one tomorrow 🙂

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