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There are SO many reasons to be active and fit.

Some days I do it to feel good, some days I do it to look good, some days I do it for the community, but EVERYDAY I do it because I want to be healthy now and in the future.  I want to enjoy life as much as possible, and I know that being (and staying) active will allow me to do so.

Skechers Performance Division via Treble in the Kitchen

I feel like it’s easy to get caught up in the competitive nature of fitness and almost forget what’s REALLY important.  I really try to remind myself when I start to feel negative or critical thoughts creep in my mind of the all wonderful things that I AM able to do because of my fitness (even if I’m not the fastest or the strongest 😉 ).

Because I’m active, healthy and fit I can go hiking on the weekends, go for walks in the evening with Brian, go for Saturday morning runs/jogs, train for half marathons, practice yoga and enjoy it, comfortably take the stairs whenever I have the chance, ride my bike for fun, and the list goes on!!  I workout because I want to continue to be able to do those things for the next 50, 60, or 70 years!

When it comes to being fit and active having a comfortable shoe is an absolute MUST.  I think we’ve all been in a situation with the wrong shoes…it is absolutely no fun.

I look for a shoe that is comfortable, supportive, and cute (of course!).

Skechers Performance Division via Treble in the Kitchen

Recently, I was approached to participate in a campaign with Skechers Performance Division shoes.  They sent me a pair of the GOrun3 shoes to try out. Honestly, before this campaign I didn’t even realize Skechers had a performance division, but let me tell you…I am SO happy I tried them out!

Skechers Performance Division via Treble in the Kitchen

First of all, the shoes are amazingly light.  Then, when you put them on your foot, the roomy toe-box and the cushiony insert make them feel like slippers.  Seriously!  Because they were so comfy, I was a little nervous to try them out but I gave them a whirl while teaching a Boot Camp group fitness class and a Cardio HIIT group fitness class (aka…lots of running around!) and they were perfect!  I felt supported by the shoe and I was able to be light on my feet which allowed me to demonstrate moves to the class and participate with them easily.

Skechers Performance Division via Treble in the Kitchen

Oh yeah…and I love the fact that they are pink.

Skechers Performance Division via Treble in the Kitchen

Another great thing about Skechers Performance Division is that they partnered up with the American Cancer Association to help spread the word and raise funds for Breast Cancer.  When they asked me to participate in this campaign during the month of October (National Breast Cancer Awareness month) I immediately said YES!  Supporting a cause that has impacted so many people on a personal level was definitely something I could stand behind.

Skechers Performance Division via Treble in the Kitchen

So if you are looking for a really great shoe that is super comfortable, cute, and supports a GREAT cause I suggest you check out the Skechers Performance Division line.  Not only do they have shoes but they have other gear that supports the fight against breast cancer too!!

Let me know what you find and if you order a pair for yourself!

Question of the Day:

  • What or who motivates you to stay healthy, active, and fit?

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  1. It truly is such an amazing campaign we were lucky enough to participate in. To spread the word about a company that participates in breast cancer awareness month is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your own review, Tara!

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