A few weeks back the Artistic Director and a dance enthusiast and marketing guru reached out to me asking if I was interested in learning more about Motus Dance.

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen


Motus Dance is a modern dance studio in the downtown Indianapolis neighborhood, Fountain Square.  Being that I have a love for art, trying new things, and I was completely interested in what these ladies had in mind for a partnership, I decided to meet with them for dinner to chat about the details.

It was amazing to hear the passion these women had about dance, art, and Motus Dance.  Their excitement truly rubbed off on me and I couldn’t wait to get my foot in the door to try some of their dance classes.

Taking Class

When attending my first class, I have to admit that I was a little nervous!  Honestly, I grew up taking dance classes, participating in show choir, and now with group fitness I am still moving to the beat and learning “choreography,” but I had never taken a modern dance class.

I arrived early and had the opportunity to watch the more experienced dancers practice for their upcoming show, Chemical Peel.

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

I instantly had reflections back to when I would arrive at Nutcracker rehearsal early just so I could watch the beautiful ballerinas before my “toy soldier” rehearsal.

Watching these dancers was amazing!  I loved their expression and the dancing was just beautiful.  I can only imagine what the entire show will be like.

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

After the performers wrapped up their rehearsal, it was time to start dance class.

We started with a warm up to get our bodies used to moving.

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

We learned several mini combinations to really hit every part of the body.  While I was the only “newbie” I was still able to follow along with the rest of the class.

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

As the class continued I also realized that this was like a “judgement free zone.”  No one cared when I started on the wrong foot, missed a step or two, or didn’t get the combination exactly right…all they cared about was whether or not I enjoyed the class and the fact that I was moving my body and enjoying it.  Thank goodness!

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

In addition to warming up and learning some combinations, we did a bit of technique work with plies and tondues, and we practiced going across the floor with a simple combination (well, simple for everyone else…I ended up missing a few steps along the way!).

Motus Dance via Treble in the Kitchen

The entire class was so friendly and welcoming, they definitely did not make me feel like an outsider.

Heidi and Mallory, the two inspiring ladies I met with, saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between art and fitness…and I couldn’t agree more.

So often we think of fitness as simply lifting weights, attending a group fitness class, or something that requires a GYM…but fitness can be so far from that.  At the end of the day all you need to do is move your body doing something you love. If you love what you are doing, you will WANT to do it and stay committed to whatever you are doing. Your body doesn’t know if you are taking a dance class or doing step at your fitness center…it just knows it’s moving 😉

I loved taking this class, and I forgot how much of a workout a dance class is!  If you are in Indianapolis and have any sort of curiosity about trying a Motus Dance class…just go for it!

You can purchase single classes, packages, mix and match…you name it.  Just click this link to find out more pricing information.

Thank you so much to Heidi and Mallory for introducing me to this amazing studio!  I can’t wait to go back.

The class I attended was complimentary, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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