This morning started out with a 9 mile run.  I made sure to enjoy myself at homecoming festivities yesterday, but also made sure to drink water and sleep until I naturally woke up this morning.

I headed out the door at around 9am and as soon as I started running I felt great.

Don’t mind the pit sweat in the pic below…

The negative about running in cooler weather is not knowing how to dress.  When I initially felt the temperature outside, I could barely stand it!  I ended up wearing two pair of pants, a compression top, and a zip up.  I wore waaaay too many clothes and had to stop to tie my jacket around my waist.  Honestly, I would rather be hot than cold any day, so it wasn’t too bad.

After my 9 miles, I came in and made some pumpkin pancakes.  I based the recipe on my protein pancake recipe, but honestly they were  only sub par…I didn’t even feel like finishing them! Sorry to say, no recipe to share on this one.


Now that we have gotten breakfast and my workout out of the way, let’s take a look at Butler University’s homecoming!

Yesterday was such an amazing day.  It was a perfectly beautiful fall day, I was able to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while, and be back at my alma mater!

We set up in the parking lot of Hinkle Fieldhouse outside of the Butler football field and truly tailgated.  Is it sad to say that this was my first tailgate?  I loved every second of it!  We had plenty of snacks for everyone to share (including my pretzel sandwiches!) We enjoyed some adult beverages and caught up with friends that we have not seen in a while.


My drink of choice for the day was Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider.  I love cider, and I could easily call it my favorite alcoholic drink.  This was my first time trying the pumpkin cider, and although it was a bit sweeter than the regular cider, it still tasted great!

Our friends Tori and Kegan brought their new puppy with them, and he was just too darn cute!  Look at how his paws are crossed so prim and proper.

After hanging out and chatting all afternoon, we watched the homecoming parade.

In the parade, we were able to see each of the Greek houses represent the theme of homecoming.  This year, the theme was board games.  My sorority represented the board game theme with “Butler-opoly” or Monopoly.

They did a pretty great job if you ask me!

It was an amazing first homecoming experience, and we cannot wait until next year 🙂

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  1. I would rather be hot than cold on any run as well girl! I, well my legs HATE running in cold weather! Glad to see y’all had such a fun homecoming experience! I knew your pretzel bites would be a hit 🙂

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