Breakfast today was a delicious bowl of overnight oats topped with banana.

overnight oatsI happily enjoyed these oats, at home, in front of my computer.  Tonight is my long run night for the NIFS Mini Marathon Training Program, so there was no need for me to hit the gym before work, get ready at the gym, or eat my breakfast at my desk.  I LOVE mornings like that 😉

The Dailey Method

Yesterday morning I did hit the gym before work, but I didn’t do my usual running/strength training routine.  I attended a class at a studio called The Dailey Method

the dailey method


I attended this class as part of the project that allowed me to try Hot Yoga last week.  I know I keep teasing you with “the project” but I promise you will be in the loop soon! 

The Dailey Method combines ballet barre method exercises, core work, yoga, and orthopedic exercises.  All of these exercises are combined with perfect alignment in mind, much like Pilates.  The focus of each class is to perform small and controlled movements in neutral spine position.  Throughout the class you are keeping your heart rate elevated, strengthening and stretching your muscles, all while maintaining focus on the specific motions.  This class truly works your entire body and mind!

dailey method 2When I walked in the door to the studio, I was greeted by the friendly instructor and brightly colored decor.  I really felt welcome in this new-to-me place.

The class room resembled a dance studio with ballet bars and a mirror along one wall, but had carpet on the floor.  Although there is carpet on the floor, The Dailey Method requires participants to wear socks during class.

Equipment used varies between each day and each class.  Some classes use small balls, light weights, mats, and/or straps for stretching.

dailey methodThe most important piece of equipment that is used in every class is your body weight.  Now, I love Pilates, and I love strength training, so I honestly knew before entering the building that I was going to love this class, and I did!  But, boy was it hard work!

It has been a while since I have taken a Pilates class, and I had forgotten how deep you can feel the burn in your muscles even while performing the slightest movements with your body weight.  The Dailey Method gives you that same deep burning feeling.

Now that it is the day AFTER the class, I can feel the muscle fatigue in my core and triceps the most today…and I love it!  For me, there is nothing that beats sore muscles 🙂

One of the great things about The Dailey Method is that the classes are great for participants of all levels.  Modifications are always welcome, and the instructor encourages you to listen to your own body and work at the most difficult level for you.  There is no pressure to feel as though you have to complete the most difficult level of every exercise simply because your neighbor is.

Overall, I honestly loved this class, and I cannot wait to try it again!

Question of the Morning:

  • If you have The Dailey Method in your area, have you tried it?  Tell me what you think! 

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