Have you guys ever watched/heard of that youtube video straight from the 90’s:  8 Minute Abs? 

8 Minute Abs

In college, my girlfriends and I would do this video all. the. time!! While the outfits and slang are a little ridiculous, I really loved the idea of the workout:  9 movements for 45 seconds each.  

8 Minute Abs via Treble in the Kitchen

Last Tuesday, I subbed a boot camp class.  Whenever I teach that style of class, I always wrap things up with some functional core work, this time I finished up class with MY version of 8 minute abs and everyone loved (or should I say loved to hate?) it!

Check out the workout:

8 Minute Abs

Equipment used:

While completing these exercises, it is important to maintain form rather than speed through each movement.  Use up the complete 45 seconds for each exercise and quickly move on to the next exercise.  Of course, rest when you need it and modify as necessary, but keep in mind it is just 8 minutes of work!  I think this is a great core workout to add in after a run, cardio workout, or strength training workout that did not focus on the abs.  As always, check with your doctor before making any major changes to your workout routine 🙂

8 Minute Abs via Treble in the Kitchen

  • Plank:  This can be performed on hands or elbows, but elbows is pictured above.  Place your elbows right below your shoulders and bring your feet just outside the hips.  Focus on lifting up through the thighs and mid section to engage the abdominal muscles.  As you fatigue, push out of the floor with your forearms and extend through your head and heels.  You may lower to your knees for a less intense option.
  • Plank to Pike:  Begin in forearm plank position (see above).  Lift through the hips, pulling the lower abs up and in toward the spine, bringing your body into a pike “upside down V” position.  Maintaining the braced midsection, shift your hips back down and return back into the pike position.
  • Vertical Toe Touch:  Lie on your back, legs extended up toward the ceiling.  You may slightly bend the knees if you have very tight hamstrings.  Keeping the lower back towards the ground, lift your shoulder blades off the mat as you reach your hands towards your toes.  Focus on engaging the upper abdominals on this one.
  • Windshield Wipers:  Lie on your back, place your arms in a wide T shape.  Keep the low back and hips on the ground as you extend your legs straight up towards the ceiling.  In a controlled manner, lower the legs down to the left side.  Make sure the lower back stays on the mat and both shoulders glued to the mat.  Only lower down as low as you can while maintaining proper alignment (shoulders and lower back on the mat).  Bring the legs back to center and lower down to the opposite side.
  • Side Crunch:  Begin on your side with your legs in a 90° angle and your bottom arm extended out straight.  Place your top arm behind your head and crunch the upper body up focusing on creating a capitol “C” between your ribs and your hips.  Switch sides at the halfway point.
  • Side to Side Foot Tap:  Start on your back with feet flat on the ground, hip distance apart.  Lift the shoulders and head off of the mat making sure to keep the head and neck in line with the spine.  Focusing your gaze between the knees will help.  Alternate reaching one hand to your heel to create a side crunch action in the upper body.  Keep the bellybutton pulled into the spine.
  • Pulsing Crunch:  Keep your feet flat on the ground and bellybutton towards the spine.  Lift the shoulder blades off the mat and reach your hands between your thighs.  Gently pulse an inch above and an inch below this starting position for the duration of the 45 seconds.
  • Bicycle Crunch:  While on your back, lift your knees up over the hips with your shins parallel to the ground.  Place your fingers behind your temples and keep your elbows wide.  Cross the opposite shoulder to the opposite knee as you extend one leg and alternate sides.  Make sure to keep the midsection tight and really focus on feeling that rotation in the core of your upper body.  For a lower intensity option you can keep both legs bent and tap one leg to the ground as you rotate side to side.
  • Side Plank Hip Lifts:  Start in side plank–place your elbow underneath your shoulder so that your arm creates a 90° angle.  Stack your shoulders, hips, and knees and make sure that you don’t rotate forward or back.  Slightly lift the hips higher than your starting position and lower back down to starting position.  Alternate sides at the halfway point.

8 Minute Abs via Treble in the Kitchen

Enjoy the workout and let me know if you give it a try! I love hearing your feedback 🙂

Question of the Day:

  • What is one of your favorite old school/go-to workouts from a while back?!
    • I used to LOVE Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies 🙂
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  1. Love this workout! I am obsessed with ab workouts so will definitely be doing this! I used to live for Tae Bo with Billy Blanks!! Those 90 workouts are still great!

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