Last night, Brian and I met up with a friend (actually, he is going to be a groomsman in our wedding!) to meet his girlfriend from Panama.

Tara and Brian

Ben met her while studying abroad last year in Chili, so they are both able to speak Spanish.  Brian studied Spanish at Butler and he is able to speak Spanish to a lot of his patients in dental school.  Me, however, I do NOT speak spanish aside from saying “Hello. How are you?”  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the language barrier, but it was such a non-issue!  We were all able to communicate, tell stories, and really enjoy the evening.

Ben and Osi

The restaurant we ate at is a favorite of mine.  Naked Tchopstix is a family-owned midwestern sushi restaurant that is just minutes away from Butler University, where Brian and I went to college.

Of course they have more than just sushi to eat, but I have only tried the sushi because it is just so good!

Brian and I shared the Thai Chili Roll and the Sunset Roll.   The Thai Chili Roll had crab, cucumber, and avocado on the inside.  On the outside, it had red snapper and Thai chili sauce.  Boy, is that sauce good!  It is the perfect combo of spicy and sweet.  The Sunset Roll had crab, cucumber, and avocado on the inside also.  The outside had fresh salmon, wasabi mayo, and salmon roe.  Both were delicious and we gobbled them right up.

If you are in Indianapolis and you love sushi, Naked Tchopstix is the place to go.

sushi naked chopsticks



Today started with a morning scramble of egg whites, one egg, cottage cheese, spinach and veggie sausage with a side of iced coffee.  It was a tasty way to start my morning.

breakfast 12-15-12

breakfast 2 12-15-12


Today, I am really looking forward to the plans that I have with Brian.

We are going to spend the entire day enjoying everything holiday in downtown Indianapolis.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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