Brian and I had a wonderful New Year’s celebration with close friends.  I can’t believe that this is the year that Brian and I get married!  There are still so many things to do, but I love that we are actually in the year that we will have our wedding.

I hope that you all had a happy New Year celebration last night with people that are close to you.  May the new year bring all of you happiness and plenty of new opportunities!

Here are some scenes from our celebration to ring in 2013:

brian and tara nye 2013

nye 2013 3

nye 2013 4

nye 2013 5

nye 2013 23

nye 2013 10

nye 2013 9

nye 2013 18

nye 2013 17

nye 2013 15

nye 2013 12

nye 2013 21

nye 2013 24

nye 2013 20

nye 2013 16

nye 2013 18

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