This post shares some of our favorite and most used items that we were thankful to have (or quickly have sent our way) when Marie was born. Truly newborn essentials for baby and mom.

There are many lists of things you need when preparing for a new baby. Sometimes reviewing these lists and trying to imagine your life with a new little person can be a bit overwhelming. We learned (as many parents do) that you don’t need many items to get you through the first few months of parenthood. After a bit of trial and error and talking with lots of mom friends we found these items worked well for us. It’s important to remember that all babies and families are different and different things will work for different families.

Newborn Essentials

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Having a changing station downstairs was so helpful. I was not able to go up and downstairs normally for at least a month after having Marie. This was completely unexpected, so having items for diaper changes tucked away in a piece of furniture kept our main living space tidy while providing a very convenient changing station. We used this portable changing pad. 

Baby Bjorn baby bouncer – Marie loved (and still loves!) sitting in this bouncy seat. It’s a great way to set her somewhere when you need to be hands free, and it also folds completely flat so we stored it under our couch when it wasn’t in use. We also recommend purchasing the attachment to encourage Marie to reach and grab.

Bottom Zip Sleepers – During the early weeks, Marie (and all newborns) wake up several times at night to eat and have their diaper changed. These bottom zip sleepers were a life saver because you can keep the baby swaddled while changing their diaper at the bottom.

Halo Swaddle – There are so many swaddle options out there, but we had several friends recommend the Halo swaddle. Because of this we just stuck with them from the beginning and really loved them. They are so easy to wrap up, which we were very thankful for! I still have a hard time wrapping a traditional swaddle blanket.

Waterproof Changing Pad Liners – We put these down in the bassinet of the stroller, in her bassinet, and on the changing table because when something spills or drips, all you need to do is toss this liner in the wash rather than clean the stroller/bassinet/etc.

Cloth diapers – We started cloth diapering with the Bumgenius Free Time diaper at 8 weeks and have loved it from the start. Because we use an all-in-one, you simply put the diaper on the baby and take the diaper off when it’s time to change. There is no stuffing or folding required. We also use cloth wipes and a cloth pale liner so that we toss all of the dirty items in one place.

Burp cloths – You can never have enough of these! This brand was very absorbent.

Bamboobies nursing pads – These nursing pads are so simple, easy to use, absorbent and simple to toss in the wash.

Button-Front House Dress – I underestimated the wardrobe shift that would be necessary for me to be comfortable after having a baby and to make it easy to nurse. This dress is the most comfortable. I wore it around the house, during naps, and on short family walks.

Ice packs – I underestimated many things involved with the recovery in having a baby, thankfully I was able to order a ton of these ice packs on amazon to help me out. They were a life saver!

Yeti for coffee – Without a thermal cup for coffee, you will absolutely reheat your cup multiple times a day. I am so thankful my in-laws purchased me this mug for Mother’s Day.

Bows for baby girl – Brian’s mom gave us this pack of bows and I love that there is truly a color to coordinate with every outfit. We wear them all the time 🙂

Someone else thinking about meals and snacks. If you are typically the meal-preparer, it may be helpful for you to consider delegating this task for the first few weeks. I was thankful to have family quarantining with us during that time so all I had to worry about was taking care of Marie.

Frida brand everything! Everything that I have used from this brand has been amazing. I loved their postpartum set, all of their baby bath items have been great, and I really trust this brand as we continue through our parenting journey.

Joolz Day 3 Stroller – We walk at least once a day and in our neighborhood the sidewalks can be pretty bumpy. This stroller really holds up to the bumpy sidewalks and Marie loves riding in it.

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