No Equipment Total Body Circuit Workout

I couldn’t be more excited right now.

Tomorrow morning, Brian and I are making the drive from Denver to Indiana to be home for the holidays.  (Cue the large cheesy smile!)

Because I’ll be home for about 2 weeks, I need to have some no equipment workouts ready to go in my back pocket so that I can stay active. I really try not to worry too much about getting stronger, breaking any records or setting any new goals when visiting home.  I plan my workouts mainly so that I can maintain some form of routine and because it helps me feel better mentally.  Working out gives me better mental clarity, energy, and just makes me feel better all around (and it’s good for me!).

This workout is one I created to take with me on the road!

A total body circuit using bodyweight ONLY. Perfect for holiday travel! Share on X

No Equipment Total Body Circuit Workout

Equipment Used:

  • Mat (optional, depending on the surface you are working out on)
  • Timer (your phone can work for this!)

There are two circuits in this workout.  The way it works is to complete the first circuit as many times as possible in the 7 minute time period.  Take a quick 1 minute break, then complete the second circuit as many times as possible in 7 minutes.  Take another break and repeat both circuits in the same way for 7 minutes.  Make sure to work at your own pace, take extra breaks if needed, and ultimately listen to your body.  The workout ends up taking about 30 minutes.

*As with any fitness class/program/workout, please make sure to warm up and cool down/stretch and modify as needed and check with your doctor if necessary!

No Equipment Total Body Circuit Workout

Suitcase Crunches: Begin by lying on your back with your belly button pulled in toward your spine.  Crunch your ribs towards your hips as you pull your knees in towards your chest and reach your hands past your toes.  Return to starting position and repeat.

Pushups:  Can be completed on knees or toes.

Jumping Lunges:  Begin in a lunge position with both legs at 90 degree angles and your feet hip distance apart.  Jump with your feet landing in a lunge on the opposite side.  If this causes discomfort in your knees or joints, remove the jump and simply step or walk in the lunge position.  Repeat as you alternate sides.

Burpees: Begin by standing with your feet hip width apart. Jump up into the air with your arms up, lower down to the ground and shoot your feet back into plank position.  Jump your feet back in towards your hands, then jump back up toward the ceiling.  That is one repetition.  Repeat.  To modify this exercise, remove any jumping and simply lower your hands down to the ground and step your feet back one at a time.

Toe Tap Crunches:  Lie on your back with your feet towards the ceiling and legs as straight as they will allow without discomfort.  Crunch your upper body up as you reach for your toes and peel your shoulder blades off the ground.  Return to start and repeat.

Up Down Pushups:  Begin in traditional pushup or plank position (on your knees or toes).  Make sure to lift through your core and your thighs.  Lower down onto your right elbow, then left elbow, then push back up onto your right hand then left hand.  Repeat, alternating sides.

Sumo Squat Jumps:  Start with feet in a wide squat position, toes slightly turned out.  Propel from your feet and use your arms to gain momentum as you jump out of the squat position and reach our hands in the air.  Repeat.  To modify this exercise, you can eliminate the jump and simply raise onto your toes from the sumo squat position.

Snap Jumps:  Begin in plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders and mid section braced.  Jump your legs in towards your hands landing in a frog-like position, then jump back to the starting plank position.  That is one rep.  Repeat.   To modify, simply step back one leg at a time or hold a plank for 30 seconds.

Rest and repeat 2 times.

No Equipment Total Body Circuit Workout

Let me know if you give this workout a try.  I love hearing feedback from you guys!!

Also, wish Brian and I luck on the drive to and from Indiana (we will have the dogs with us!!).  Should be a fun adventure.

Question of the Day:

  • Do you workout when visiting family during the holidays or any other time of year?
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  1. Love it, I also rely on quick body circuit workouts when visiting family for the holidays! I agree, working out just makes me feel happy and energetic so I make sure to squeeze workouts in when on holiday vacation. It also doesn’t hurt to offset some of those extra holiday treats with a couple sweat sessions! 😉

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