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Today was actually an early day of work, and Brian got done early with class.  Even though he usually doesn’t like going to the grocery store, I still asked if he would come with me…and he said yes!

A couple of days ago, I purchased a Living Social deal that was $10 for $20 worth of food at Whole Foods.  I love shopping at Whole Foods, but find that the prices don’t usually fit my budget, so I definitely jumped at the chance to purchase food for basically half of the price.

After heading to Whole Foods, I saw a stand for fresh produce at a little stand outside of a store, so I also jumped at that opportunity because I have found that many times I am able to get more bang for my buck when buying fresh produce from a little stand rather than a major grocery store.

We then proceeded to head to Kroger, which is a grocery store similar to Marsh or Publix.  We found everything else on our list that we needed except one item….canned pumpkin.  When I asked a store associate where I would find the pumpkin, she replied by telling me that it was too early for pumpkin so they didn’t have it out……WHAT?!?!

I see Halloween decorations everywhere, fall scented candles and leaves adorning every store yet it is too early for pumpkin???  I was shocked….literally shocked.  So, Brian and I drove across the street to Target to pick up three cans of Libby’s canned pumpkin.  Crisis thankfully diverted.


I think it is strange of her to say that it is too early for pumpkin to be out on the shelves, when I was able to buy a can of it in July…but that is just my opinion.



Grocery shopping took a little longer than planned, and Brian and I were a little cranky because of a lack of food in our system towards the end of the trip.  Once arriving home and putting away all of the groceries I quickly whipped up some veggie gyros adapted from this recipe suggested by my mom.  We made them on Flatout flatbread instead of pitas, the only thing missing was some feta.  They were still totally delicious though!

Included:  Greek gyro sauce (in the recipe!), cucumber, red onion, red bell pepper, tomato, spinach…delicious!


Tomorrow night, a friend of Brian and me is having a welcome home party for another one of our friends who recently came home.  I volunteered to bring dessert, and cheesecake is the guest of honor’s favorite.  My mom has an amazing recipe for Marble Cheesecake, but I have never made it or any other homemade cheesecake for that matter.  I guess there is a first time for everything!  Wish me luck 🙂

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