Although I have not been posting every single thing I eat in the morning, I am still holding strong in the November Breakfast Challenge!

Here is a look at my recent breakfasts:


  • Chocolate, cherry, egg white oats

chocolate cherry oats


protein pancakes


  • Black quinoa parfait with Greek yogurt, cherries, banana, and mixed nuts

quinoa parfait

Last week, I received a little sample package in the mail from Sarah over at Creating a Better Tomorrow full of Shakeology.

shakeology package

1-photo (13)

Sarah really loves Shakeology and has it almost daily, so I wanted to see what the hype was about.  She sent me several flavors to try including chocolate, vanilla, and vegan tropical.  My first smoothie was Thursday morning.


  • Chocolate shakeology, 1/2 frozen banana, coffee, almond milk (this was a delicious combo!)

shakeology smoothie


  • Vanilla shakeology, frozen cherries, frozen banana, almond milk (another winning combo!)

shakeology smoothie 2

And my weekend breakfasts were unpictured, BUT stilled followed along with the challenge!  Here is a peak:


  • Instant oatmeal, vanilla shakeology, peanut butter


  • Instant oatmeal, tropical shakeology, banana, peanut butter


So, there ya have it!  I’m still sticking with the November Breakfast Challenge.  It is a bit challenging, because I really have to THINK about what I am going to make rather than just making “the usual” or the first thing that pops in my head, but it has definitely been fun.  I love trying new recipes and this has definitely given me the excuse to try new things!

Now It’s Your Turn:

  • Share one of your favorite breakfasts from last week!

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    • Thank you so much for the sample, Sarah!!! I had a Shakeology once a day for 5 days in a row….I’m debating whether I should buy some or not 🙂

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