Yesterday was seriously packed with so much fun!

After running my first half marathon distance yesterday, Mom and I headed to the grocery store.  I know that some people really view grocery shopping as a chore and try to avoid it at all costs, but to me it is just therapeutic!  Mom and I get to chit-chat and just hang out 🙂  In high school, I always went to the grocery store with mom and when I would come home during college that would be the one thing I would always look forward to…so yesterday wasn’t any different.

We came home from the grocery store ready for a light lunch.  Mom had just bought a ton of tomatoes from an Amish farmer’s market, so I just HAD to try one!

My favorite thing for lunch…veggie tasting plate 🙂 I wanted it to be super light because I had a large snack after running, Mom and I were going to Sam’s Club (and we both love samples and can’t say no to anything free), and we were hitting up the Taste of the Arts.  Long story short, we needed to save room!

We then headed to the bridal shop to get my bridesmaid dress for Chelsea’s wedding!  I honestly think that I have the weirdest body shape.  The dress fit slightly loose in the chest and hips region, but had to be let out in the middle region…I just do NOT have that hour glass figure everyone longs for…I guess you could say I am either “boy-shaped” or a “ruler.” (at least that is what the magazines label my body type!)


At the wedding shop I tried on my first wedding dresses!! Mom and I were there surrounded by beautiful gowns…how could we not take advantage of the situation???  My favorite was the very first one that I tried on, but I also tried on a Kate Middleton replica just for fun!  That thing was heavy!!!  It was super pretty, but I am just not a fan of the sleeves.

We then went to Sam’s Club to get my new camera!!  I haven’t used it yet because it is charging right now.  I am hoping for the best!

After Sam’s it was time for Taste of the Arts.  Mom and I had never heard of this event in  Fort Wayne before so we were really excited to check it out since our family really supports the arts, and loves to try new food!  After talking to some of the people working at the booths we actually found out that this event had been going on for 10 years!! I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of it, but it was seriously so great.

Mom and I shared everything so that we could try more stuff without feeling too full.  I was really glad that I had run 13 miles earlier because that literally made my stomach feel like a bottomless pit…literally I wasn’t full all day.

We started off with a Tropical Smoothie from Smoothie King.  I have seen Smoothie King’s before, but I had never tried it.  It was so tasty and the perfect way to start our little sampler platter in the afternoon heat.

We then headed to the Biaggi’s table to try the caprese salad….I think this was my favorite dish of all!

My hands were getting full

The next stop was for a chocoholic ice cream sundae…chocolate ice cream, oreo crumbs, m&ms, and chocolate sauce…so good!

Next stop was at another little restaurant  that I can’t remember the name of to try a tuna nacho.  It had raw tuna, veggies, and wasabi sauce.   So yummy!

We then walked around the little art booths to see what was going on.

Kids crafts

He's got no head!

We then headed to Chelsea’s bridal shower.  Her new house is so amazing, and it was so great to see old friends!  We then realized that so many of our friends are engaged…this is me, Chelsea, and Katie (another high school friend).

After the shower, I had to head home to get all dressed up for our night out for the bachelorette party…needless to say, it was a blast!!!

Me and the Bride-to-Be!!

This Morning

So, because last night was so fun I was feeling a little under-the-weather this morning.  But after my mom made me a yummy breakfast I felt tons better…and some water and excedrine 😉

Cream Cheese and Sugar Free Blackberry Jelly on an English Muffin...hit the spot

Now, it’s time to pack up and head back to Indy!

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  1. Great blog! Glad you enjoyed meeting our character (sans head) from Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. I’m also a musician so I definitely appreciate your musical references throughout the blog. Best wishes!

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