The kale recipe I decided to try was the Overnight Kale Salad.  

nutritionella kaleThe thing that called to me about this recipe?  The word OVERNIGHT.  As I got home around 8pm last night, I knew that I needed to get some things ready for today like breakfast, lunch, and part of dinner since today will also be a late night arriving home.  This overnight salad seemed extremely simple and convenient, so I gave it a go!

I did some improvising by subbing some of the ingredients with things that I had on hand, so hopefully it turns out!

For those of you who don’t know what kale tastes like:  I would compare the taste of kale to spinach with a rougher texture.  It has a slightly earthy flavor, but when blended into smoothies the taste is 100% non-detectable.  

I hope this helps anyone who hasn’t jumped on the kale bandwagon yet!

Now let’s talk about what I have been doing to stay active lately…


Since I am no longer training for a half marathon, I am making sure to embrace other forms of exercise to get in my necessary cardiovascular activity.

Yesterday, I completed my first indoor cycling class in over a month!

photo (2)The sweat was dripping off of my face, my quads were on fire…but I am pretty sure that I had a HUGE grin on my face during the entire class.  I just love spinning, I love being active, and I love that “oh I’m so tired” feeling that I get when I give a workout my all.  It was a great way to start the day!


Yesterday, I was able to come home for lunch!  Being able to go home for lunch is a treat in itself.

lunchI had some errands to run, and because I work very close to my home and some errands I had to run were closer to my home than to work I made the pit stop at home to eat, blog, and just relax for a minute.

I find that when I eat lunch at work, I am tempted to not take a lunch break, work through lunch, or cut my break in half so I can go back to work.  When I DO take a break, I find that it helps my productivity that last part of the day and lets me feel somewhat refreshed.  Breaks are necessary for me!

Yesterday’s lunch was a delicious salad of romaine and spinach topped with zucchini, tomato, chickpeas, tuna, bell pepper, and red wine vinegar.  Delish!

lunchWith the 80 degree weather here in Indiana I have been LOVING the salads for lunch lately…heck!  I ALWAYS love a good salad for lunch 😉

Question of the Morning:

  • What is your favorite go-to lunch?
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  1. Your lunch salad sounds so refreshing! I love mixing tuna and chickpeas together. Try throwing in some roasted chick peas next time. It gives your salad a little crunch 🙂

        • Jen, have you ever come to NIFS? We have some awesome spin classes and awesome group fitness classes in general! I love everything about NIFS, so if you have more questions or want to tell me what you are looking for specifically, send me an e-mail! 🙂

          • I have not tried NIFS. I will look at their website today, and see what I think of it. I am trying to find a place that does drop by classes because I only plan on doing a few a month since I already do Pilates twice a week. Thanks for the suggestion =)

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